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February 5, 2002



        The Vice-President, Shri Krishan Kant gave away the National Child Awards for Exceptional Achievements for the years 2000 & 2001, here today. Speaking on the occasion, the Vice-President, while felicitating the awardees, emphasised the need for active intervention of parents and teachers towards nurturing of gifted children, so that the talents of these prodigies would not be wasted and they would make their special contribution to society. At the same time, it was also important that the talents of children in tribal and far-flung areas are also noticed and nurtured, he added.

        Shri Krishan Kant pointed out that the country still has a long way to go to ensure that all children in the country have access to education and health cover – with 400 million children, India has the largest child population in the world. The Nation can embark upon the path of development in the true sense only once its children are looked after and their needs fulfilled as they only are the tomorrow of the country.

        Addressing the gathering, Smt. Sumitra Mahajan, Minister of State for Human Resource Development said that the Department of Women and Child Development is committed to providing a helping hand to children with exceptional promise and ability. She stated that a National Commission for Children and Children’s Charter were also being formulated which would go a long way in addressing the concerns of children.

        One gold medal each for 2001 and 2000 were given to Master Arpit Bhopalkar from Indore, Madhya Pradesh for exceptional achievement in Table Tennis and Master Gillford Thangkhiew from Shillong in Meghalaya for excellence in Chess.

        For the year 2000, Silver Medal for exceptional achievement were given to Kum. Naralasetty Tejeswini, Andhra Pradesh; Master Akash R. Telgu, Goa; Kum. Hardee Bharatbhai Desai, Gujrat; Kum. Indu Bala, Haryana; Master Sagar Ajit Patil, Karnataka; Master Varun M., Kerala; Kum. Palak Muchhal , M.P.; Kum. Charu Sharma, Maharashtra; Master Puyam Loushing Khomba, Manipur; Master Avinash Chandrashekar, Tamil Nadu; Master Saumik Chakraborty, Tripura, Master Avinash, Andaman & Nicobar Islands; Master Tushar Liberhan, Chandigarh; Master Akhil Khandelwal, New Delhi and Kum. M. Niraimathi, Pondicherry.

        For the year 2001, Silver Medal for exceptional achievement were given to Ms.Nistala Lakshmi, Andhra Pradesh; Kum. Sayuli V. Pai Raikar, Goa; Master Shivam Mahesh Raval, Gujarat; Kum. Neha Narwal, Haryana; Master Munish Sadhu, J&K; Master Abhijit S. Betigeri, Karnataka; Master Nikhil Krishnan, Kerala; Kum. Sheerali Runwal, Madhya Pradesh; Kum. Aibanrihun Lyngdoh, Meghalaya; Kum.Kavita Mahakud, Orissa; Kum. Heena Bharati, Punjab; Kum. Veena Ajmera, Rajasthan; Kum. Jananiy S.J., Tamil Nadu; Master Niladri Saha, Tripura; Master Satyawan Gaur, Uttar Pradesh; Master Nitish Chourasia, Andaman Nicobar Islands; Kum. Kriti Puri, Chandigarh and Kum. N. Ramya, Pondicherry.

        The National Child Awards for Exceptional Achievement were instituted in the year 1996 to give recognition to children between the age of 4-15 years who have shown/achieved outstanding status in various fields such as academics, arts, culture and sports etc. One Gold Medal is given for only one child at All India Level. The Award consists of a cash prize of Rs.10,000/- and a citation, a certificate, and a Gold Medal. Silver Medals are earmarked for 32 children – one Medal for upto one child from each State/Territory . Each award consists of Rs. 5,000/-, a citation, a certificate and a Silver Medal for each awardee.