• Download and installation of Hindi font
  • Download  PIBFONT.EXE  file for Win 95/NT
    • Click to download  PIBFONT.EXE  . 
    • Press save in the download window and specify a path .
    • Go to Task Bar,  Start  >  Run and specify PIBFONT.EXE including full path where you saved it or click on Browse and select PIBFONT.EXE.  Double click on PIBFONT.EXE.
    • This will authomatically extract PIBFONT.EXE in the directory.  Close the window where files have been extracted.
    • Go to the Task Bar Start > Settings > Control Panel and Click on Fonts Icon.  You will find fonts window appear.  From this window click on File > Install New Font.  You will find one more window Add Fonts - will appear.  In this window you have to specify the path of download PIBFONT.  Once you specify the path all fonts will appear on the list of the Fonts.  Click on select all Icon and after selecting the font, click on OK Icon.  It will install the all fonts in the fonts window.  Close the alll windows.
    • Close your Navigator software and restart it.  No need to restart windows.
    After completion of above steps you are ready for viewing our Hindi pages on PIB site.