India is today at the forefront of an international effort to harness renewable energy resources. It has one of the largest and most broad-based programmes. Over 3,600 MW of power generating capacity based on renewable energy sources has already been installed. This is over 3.5 per cent of the total installed capacity in the country. With a wind power capacity of over 17OO MW, India ranks fifth in the world.

New Goals by 2012

The Government has set up following goals to be achieved in the next 10 years:

To electrify 18,000 unelectrified rural and remote villages; and,

To produce additional 10,000 MW grid-quality power through non-conventional energy sources.

Biogas Development Programme

More than 7.50 lakh biogas units have been built. A special incentive package has been announced for the states in North-Eastern Region.

During the last five years, about 1,525 large size biogas plants were installed. A new initiative is aimed to involve Animal Welfare Board of India for promoting institutional biogas plants in cattle based animal welfare organisations.

Rural Energy Entrepreneurship and Institutional Development

A pilot scheme entitled ‘Rural Energy Entrepreneurship and Institutional Development’ was started. The objective is to promote small enterprises for quality installation and servicing of rural energy systems.

Women’s Empowerment

The ‘Women and Renewable Energy Development’ programme was started to train and empower women in the promotion, marketing, utilisation and management of renewable energy system and devices. In all, 125 sales and servicing outlets and 150 renewable energy women self-help groups have been sanctioned.

Solar Photovoltaic Demonstration and Utilisation Programme

Out of an estimated 18,000 unelectrified remote and difficult villages in the country, a majority of villages are likely to be electrified with solar photovoltaic systems and power plants.

More than 1,77,000 solar lanterns, more than 1,10,000 home lighting systems, over 5,500 street lighting systems and nearly 300 KW capacity power plants have been set up.

Solar Cooker and Aditya Solar Shop Programmes

The solar cooker programme has been expanded by introducing new designs for community use. Three solar steam cooking systems based on automatic tracking concentrating collective technology for cooking food for 600-3,000 people per day, and one system based on ‘Solar Bowl’ technology, have been installed. World's largest solar steam cooking system has been installed at Tirumala Tirupati. The system is designed to cook two meals for 15,000 persons in one day. Another system for 2,000 people was erected at Brahmakumaris Ashram in Gurgaon in July, 2002. Three community cookers for indoor cooking have been installed at a training hostel and an NGO’s establishment in Leh. In all, six such systems have been installed under the MNES demonstration scheme. A total of 500 dish solar cookers and 60 community solar cookers have been installed so far.

Solar Thermal Energy Programme

A number of solar buildings have been constructed in different climatic zones of the country. These include West Bengal Rural Energy Development agency building at Kolkata, first phase of the Energy Centre Building of Devi Ahilya University, Indore and State Bank of Patiala Building at Shimla.

Wind Power

Wind power capacity, which stood at 66.8 MW during 1997-98, has been enhanced to 1,702.3 MW now.

Around five billion units of electricity were generated from wind power projects taking the cumulative generation to over 10.5 billion units.

The wind turbine test station at Kayathar was dedicated to the nation by the Prime Minister and the Centre for Wind Energy Technology (C-WET) was also dedicated to the nation.

The testing of wind turbines started for the first time not only in India but too in Asia. Two wind turbines were tested at Kayathar in Tamil Nadu.

The first phase (100 KW) of Wind Diesel Hybrid Demonstration project of 500 KW for Sagar Islands in West Bengal has been commissioned. The second phase of the project is now in progress.

Solar Power

Fourteen grid interactive Solar Photo Voltaic power projects, aggregating to 1,100 KW capacity, have been installed in Andhra Pradesh, Chandigarh, Kerala, Lakshadweep, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has given approval for undertaking a 140 MW Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Power Project at Mathania, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, as a Centrally assisted project.

The Ministry has prepared a Draft renewable energy policy.

Biomass Power/Cogeneration

Biomass Power/cogeneration which stood at 41.50 MW during 1997-98 stands at 86.63 MW.

Small Hydro Power

The mandate of Ministry to deal with small hydro power projects was increased from up to 3 MW station capacity to 25 MW. A capacity addition of about 253 MW was achieved.

National Programme on Energy Recovery from Urban and Industrial Wastes

The programme is being implemented through State nodal agencies, Government Departments, and urban local bodies. The scheme is applicable to both private and public sector entrepreneurs. The projects are allotted on the basis of Build, Own, Operate and Transfer, Build Operate and Transfer, Build, Own and Operate and Build Operate Lease and Transfer. Waste from slaughterhouses, sugar distilleries, paper industry, starch & sago Industry are converted in to energy. From inception in 1996-97 twenty projects producing 24.50 MW equivalent have been set up. During the past five years, 15 projects producing 19.70 MW equivalent have been set up.

Website Launched

The Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources launched its website, which provides information on fiscal and financial incentives and implementation details of various programmes of the Ministry.


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