16th September, 2003
Ministry of Science & Technology  


The multi-disciplinary research carried out by the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) has helped in generating a number of spin-off technologies not only for the benefit of the Industry, more so for the society. These range from scientific devices to items of healthcare etc. Of these, the BARC has transferred nine technologies to industry.

The items of medical use include a hydrogel for burns and wound dressings; daily use gadgets such as vibro-thermal disinfector for disinfestation of food grains and an on-line domestic water purifier based on ultra-filtration method. Some technologies like electronic beam welding, manipulators and other devices are under development.

The technical services offered by the research centres of the Department of Atomic Energy to industry relate to non-destructive testing, stress measurements, acoustic topography, material characterisation etc. An on-line diagnostic package was also developed for detecting faults in the suspension and wheels of railway coaches, on the basis of track vibration analysis. Analytical services for determining the radio activity content in water and export/import samples were provided to different pharmaceutical and beverage industries as well as export/import houses.

Another spin off technology developed is a delay mechanism assembly automation system for assembling of explosive parts and supplied to the Ammunition Factory at Kirkee, Pune.