Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Road Transport & Highways
21-February-2014 14:52 IST
Unserviceable Condition of National Highway-102B in Manipur

Road from Churachandpur-Singhat-Sinzawl-Tuivai road- Mayanmar road has been declared as National Highway (NH) -102B during the year 2012 and entrusted to Border Road Organisation (BRO) for its development & maintenance. The road was damaged in cloud burst on 16-17 June 2013. The road is maintained in traffic worthy condition by BRO along with rehabilitation works. This Ministry is not allocating funds project wise; however expenditure amounting to Rs. 62.00 crore had been done by BRO from April 2010 onwards for restoration and up-gradation on this road. Regular review meetings of BRO officials are held with State officials to expedite the forest clearance and allocation of quarries for construction materials.

This was stated by Dr. Tushar A. Chaudhary, the Minister of State in the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in reply to a question in Rajya Sabha yesterday.