Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
23-November-2005 17:15 IST
Indo - Mangolian joint exercise
The Indo-Mongolian Joint Exercise 2005, first of its kind in India, is being conducted at Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School (CIJW) at Vairangte in Mizoram from 05 Dec 05 to 14 Dec 05. The Exercise is aimed at conducting joint training in semi urban terrain and hill areas as part of Indo-Mongolian defence cooperation. Participating strength of Mongolian Army is approx 25 soldiers and equivalent component of Indian Army being represented by Special Forces.

The joint training will foster further relationship between the two countries. Although Mongolia and India are geographically apart, there has been continuance of identical traditions and religio-racial affinities between the two countries called as “spiritual neighbours”. Commonality of views on many global and regional issues has extended their close partnership at the military level also.

Low Intensity Conflicts are becoming global in scope. Terrorism is becoming less territorially defined, global in reach and more decentralized. The globalized world is now matched by a globalized militant ideology. Menace of terrorism needs a global approach and hence joint training is a step towards that direction.

There could not have been a better staging ground for this exchange of expertise between the two forces than the Indian Army’s unique Counter Insurgency & Jungle Warfare (CIJW) School, located in Mizoram. The School has been recognized as a “Centre of Excellence for Counter Insurgency”.

The School trains all ranks of the Indian Armed Forces, Indian Air! Force, Indian Navy, Para Military Forces and Central Police Organisations. The School recently conducted joint training with US Army in Sep 2005. Professionalism and standard of training imparted here left an indelible impression on them. Many other countries have elicited interest in the training being imparted here and the demand is ever on the increase. Joint training with Uzbekistan Army is slated in Jan 2006. Apart from the foreign armies, it is the large number of foreign students from about 27 countries who subscribe to the various courses conducted here, Rich experience of the faculty at the CIJW School and the wide ranging training imparted here makes it the only such combat school in the world. The training imparted here attracted global attention aiding in uniting the world to fight the global menace.