Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare
15-February-2016 16:06 IST
2nd Advance Production Estimates of Major Kharif Crops During 2015-16

Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi

The 2nd Advance Estimates of production of major crops for 2015-16 have been released by the Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare here today.


            The estimated production of major crops during 2015-16 is as under:


Ø  Foodgrains  –  253.16 million tonnes

·   Rice  –  103.61 million tonnes

·   Wheat – 93.82 million tonnes

·   Coarse Cereals  –  38.40 million tonnes

·   Maize  –  21.00 million tonnes

·   Pulses  –  17.33 million tonnes

·         Tur  –  2.55 million tonnes

·         Gram  –  8.09 million tonnes

Ø   Oilseeds  –  26.34 million tonnes

·   Soyabean  –  9.13 million tonnes

·   Groundnut  –  7.18 million tonnes

·   Rapeseed & Mustard – 6.84 million tonnes

Ø   Cotton  –  30.69 million bales (of 170 kg each)

Ø   Sugarcane – 346.39 million tonnes


Despite setback in Kharif crops due to deficient monsoon rainfall and Rabi crops due to shortage of water in reservoirs and relatively warmer winter, as per the 2nd Advance Estimates for 2015-16 total foodgrains production in the country has been higher than that in the last year. Total foodgrains production during 2015-16, estimated at 253.16 million tonnes, has been higher by 1.14 million tonnes over the production of 252.02 million tonnes during 2014-15.   


Total production of rice during 2015-16 is estimated at 103.61 million tonnes, which is lower by 1.87 million tonnes than its production of 105.48 million tonnes during 2014-15.  Production of wheat estimated at 93.82 million tonnes is higher by 7.29 million tonnes than the production of 86.53 million tonnes of wheat during 2014-15. Wheat production in 2015-16 is also higher by 2.29 million tonnes than its 5 years’ average production.


            Total production of coarse cereals is estimated at 38.40 million tonnes which is lower by 4.47 million tonnes as compared to their production of 42.86 million tonnes during 2014-15. Total pulses production of 17.33 million tonnes during 2015-16 is marginally higher than the previous year’s production of 17.15 million tonnes.  With a decline of 1.17 million tonnes over the previous year’s production’s total oilseeds production in the country during 2015-16 is estimated at 26.34 million tonnes.  


            Production of sugarcane estimated at 346.39 million tones, is lower by 15.95 million tonnes than its production during 2014-15. Production of Cotton estimated at 30.69 million bales (of 170 kg each) is also lower by 4.11 million bales than its production of 34.81 million bales during 2014-15. Production of jute is estimated at 9.89 million bales (of 180 kg each) which is marginally lower than its production of 10.62 million bales during 2014-15.