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23-September-2015 18:43 IST
English Rendering of the Text of PM’s address at the Indian Community Reception at Dublin, Ireland

Namaskar to all the Indians living in Ireland

Namaskar to all the Indians living in Ireland!


First of all, I want to apologize because I should have spent more time with you. Many people complain of not getting the admission and entry. It would have been good , had I come with more time so that I would have been able to meet a large numbers of Indians settled here. However, I say this has been an auspicious start. There would be many, probably very few among you who would know when India’s Prime Minister last visited here.  I have been told that after almost 60 years, an Indian Prime Minister has come here. By the way, every time when we travel to New York from Delhi, we go through the sky here. Your love has attracted me and hence I have landed here.


Today I have had a detailed discussion with the Irish Prime Minister. We had very less time but meeting was good as discussions were held on several issues. There has been consensus on many issues. I believe that the Indo-Ireland relationship should deepen further. Both countries must stay connected on several issues. And Ireland is celebrating the centenary of its country’s independence and the struggles associated with it in 2016. India was also fighting for freedom at a time when Ireland was doing the same. And truly it is our joint heritage. We reckon that India should become the partner of Ireland’s freedom struggle in 2016 and India should also be a participant.

The specialties of India and Ireland are valuable as they are connected with each other because of certain reasons. In India we live and die for truth and we have been hearing about this for centuries to sacrifice oneself for certain ideals and thought process, ending one’s life by taking the pain on oneself. Similarly people say that citizens of this country gave up their life in the 1920 Hunger Strike in Ireland.  It implies that you can imagine the kind of shared values between the two countries. Things related to humanity like this have got a power in itself. And our effort is to provide impetus to such things.


Now Irish children are chanting and singing the welcome song in Sanskrit. I did not get the feeling that they were telling the memorized words. They were able to express the feel of the words sung by them. Means they had internalized the thing. I congratulate the teachers who undertake such work. However, it is a matter of delight that we can do this in Ireland. But if we had done something similar in India, maybe there would have been a question mark over secularism. 

However, things are changing these days. You see world say Yoga to Yog. The entire world has started catching the nose. World’s every country celebrated International Yoga Day. The 1000 year old Indian science has now spread all over the world as an acceptable, approved method for holistic health care and preventive health care. Previously, we thought that if there is no illness, then you are healthy. Now this thought is no longer the part of Indian thought process. No illness means being healthy is not our thought anymore. We think two steps ahead by talking about Wellness. Yoga is associated with our thought of wellness. Just because you are free from disease you cannot be called healthy. The world has started accepting India’s fundamental things. However, the world accepts only when there remains power in India. If India does not have the capability, then why will the world recognize it?


Now, India’s development is being discussed all over the world, which has accepted 21st Century as Asia’s Century. The world in fact has started slowly realizing that it could be India’s Century.


 BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) concept came in the 1980s and the same must have been a popular word. However a few years ago there was a ongoing discussion that the vehicle of B, R, C, S was on track. But “I” has lagged behind. They even said that Indonesia will replace I (India). This was the discussion. Now World Bank, IMF, credit rating agencies and all are saying if any powerful nation remains in BRICS, then it is ‘I’. Rating agencies all over the world has been saying that India is the world’s fastest growing economy.   

If this growth trend continues at the same pace by about 30 years then there would be no sign of poverty in India. Youth will get the employment. However, it is a big challenge to maintain the momentum for 30 years. But we would be able to overcome the challenge as we are amidst the power that we never thought of. And that is the 65 per cent Indian population, which constitutes people with age below 35 years. India is young and will be built on the power of the youth. The potential that we have got will help achieve the dream of 30 years.  

The country is surpassing new heights of development. Efforts are made to successfully push forward the country in every area. The Indian community spread all over the world has also started talking about the country by keeping the head high and making eye-to-eye contact. What could be the bigger pride than this? Now there is no need for any Indian to keep their head low. Now the day has arrived for them to stand with their head held high and this is a big power. 

I express my thanks to all of you even as my program was arranged on such a short notice. Despite that you all came here in such big numbers and I was being told by your ambassador that there was a lot of hue and cry as to whom to stop, whom to bring in. It would have been better had more time been given. But as I said earlier, it has been a beginning of a auspicious start and this relationship will be strengthened further. And I assure you that the Indian Prime Minister will not take 60 years to come here.


Thank you very much.