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17-August-2015 18:54 IST
English Rendering of the Text of PM's address at the Indian Community Reception at Dubai

Today I am witnessing a mini-India in front of me on the soil of Dubai

Today I am witnessing a mini-India in front of me on the soil of Dubai. I salute you my dear countrymen who have come here from every corner of India. You are those people who have been working very hard for last ten, fifteen, twenty and thirty years here to earn your bread and butter but have not stayed behind in keeping the flag of India flying high. India has always felt proud because of your behavior and conduct. If excessive rain happens in India, then the Indians based in Dubai open their umbrella. If natural calamity hits India, then my countrymen sitting in Dubai do not sleep comfortably.


Under Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s leadership when India conducted nuclear test, the world was stunned. Some got furious and had imposed sanctions on India overnight. This pushed India into a series of financial turmoil. And then Vajpayee ji appealed to the countrymen spread worldwide for helping the nation. Today I can say with pride that on the appeal of Vajpayee ji, Indians working as labourers in Gulf Countries accounted for highest contribution in filling India’s exchequer. Every Indian based on this soil is associated with every corner of India in a certain way. Not only India, but also the entire Dubai was dancing last time around when the country was busy in Lok Sabha polls and the result of the elections were coming in. You hard working people are sitting in front of me with this dream and your love for our mother India to ensure that once again India becomes capable, self-efficient, empowered, wealthy and prosperous.


Ladies and gentlemen, today my brothers and sisters from every corner of India are sitting here. And Dubai has transcended from mini-India to become mini-World. People more or less from all the countries of the world are staying in Dubai. People from very cold regions are also willing to stay in the temperature of 40-45 degrees. What strength and magnetic power this country would have displayed and generated through development that the entire world gets attracted here.


All the countrymen, who have come from every corner of India celebrated the country’s Independence Day two days ago on 15th August. I also wish all of you on the occasion of Independence Day. I am mentioning Kerala in particular as today is the new year of Kerala. Shaodarka ante rudyam niranyaa navvalsra aasham safala Namaskaram


Every week more than 700 flights from India come to this region. It is this region of the world where we have such high air traffic. More than 700 flights from India come here every week, but it took 34 years for Indian Prime Minister to come here. Sometimes I feel that my predecessors have left a lot of good jobs to be accomplished by me. And this is the reason why I have got the privilege to do many of the remaining good jobs. In the list of doing good work, one important work is of my coming to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This is my first meeting here and I have never come to this part of the earth before. And if a Prime Minister of a country comes once in 34 years, then anyone has the right to express disappointment. Right ? But His Highness Crown Prince in Abu Dhabi and His Highness Al Makhtum in Dubai did not show any disappointment. They showered so much of love that I will never forget this gesture. His Highness Crown Prince came along with all his five brothers to take me from the airport, demonstrating their graciousness and respect for me. My dear countrymen, this love is not for any individual. This is for 125 crore countrymen. It shows respect for the change in India’s image. This is a respect for India in the way it is positioning itself in the world order. I express my heartiest gratitude to His Highness Crown Prince, Emirates and Rulers of Dubai.


On one hand, terrorism as a tool is being used in the name of religion and innocents are getting killed. His Highness Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi has decided to provide space to a construct temple for the Indian community at a time when there is an environment of massive concerns. Those who are familiar with Abu Dhabi know how big the decision is, how big is this gift. You tell me, should all the countrymen welcome him or not? I request everyone here to give their salutations to Crown Prince with a big round of applause, give a Standing Ovation Crown Prince and complement him. I salute him from the bottom of my heart.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the way a conducive environment of confidence has been built in a two day trip. Eventually, it is observed that international relation depends on trust we have on each other and this is more important than what language you use, how articulate and good you are in interactions to bolster diplomatic relation. In international relations, this trust, this faith is the biggest asset. And today, only after a meeting of few hours, I can say that bridge of confidence built among India, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Emirates is a bridge of trust and is unprecedented and a foundation has been laid for the generations to come.


Today I got happy with the joint statement between India and Emirates. I am sure you will also be happy knowing Crown Prince has reiterated his pledge to invest 4.5 lakh crore rupees in India. 4.5 lakh crore rupees! How much? How much? How much? Ladies and Gentlemen, if nobody has confidence on you, will anyone be ready to put even ten rupees on you? This is India’s reputation. Today India’s revamped image is moving forward on gaining acceptance before world.


India and Emirates have indicated bluntly in clear words their opposition to terrorism, without any applicable wrap and regardless of anyone have given a clear indication. Voice of unity against terrorism has ignited from this soil. I perceive this a positive development and to say the least, wise people will understand what I mean as indications are sufficient for them. People involved in terrorism must be punished, which has been indicated in clear words here. I am also grateful to the rulers here as they have voiced open support to permanent membership of India in the United Nations Security Council. I am grateful to them for voicing their support before United Nations, which is going to celebrate its 70 years of inception.  


There is a very important issue beyond this. My dear brothers and sisters, for last many years there is a resolution pending with United Nations. Since long, India has its stand on this particular issue. Today His Highness Crown Prince has openly supported this. Even you will be surprised, not two or five years, but is stuck for many years. What…? United Nations was formed 70 years ago for healing the wounds of victimized human society from the aftermath of First and Second World War, for ensuring that human society does not have to face such crisis, take precautions and develop systems. But that United Nations has not yet defined terrorism. It has struggled to put in place what is terrorism? Who and which country should and should not be seen as supporter of terrorism. This is the reason why the proposal for deciding Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism is pending in United Nations for a long time. India has taken a stand of discussion and decision on the proposal, which is getting deferred. I am happy that His Highness Crown Prince has supported India’s stand, has given clear hints with regards to fight against terrorism. This joint statement not only talks about 4.5 lakh crores of capital investment, but indicates our commitment to move together shoulder to shoulder and hence I consider it very important.  


Ladies and Gentlemen, you are away from home for years. Today after hearing India’s name, I am sure the eyes of the individual standing in front of you shines. Right ? Your head is held high with pride or not, your chest will expand with pride or not? You feel a sense of pride or not? Ladies and Gentlemen, today world’s perception towards India has changed completely. And what is the reason for that? What is the reason for this change? Not due to Modi, the change is due to the will power of 125 crore countrymen, who chose a government with full majority after 30 years in May, 2014. Today any respectable man, a politician of the world shakes hands with Modi, then he/she does not see Modi. He/she sees 125 crore Indians. He sees a rapidly moving economy in the world.


Ladies and Gentlemen,  a few days ago IMF, World Bank, Moody’s or any rating institutions at whatever financial parameters have said in one voice that if anywhere economic reforms are happening rapidly among the large countries, then that country’s name is (crowd chanting India-India slogans). Tell me chest will expand or not? Head will be held high or not? The change has come within a year. Ladies and Gentlemen, we launched Make in India campaign few months ago. I am asking the world to Make in India. Come to India which is full of opportunities. This is one fortunate country whose 65 per cent of the population is below 35 years. India is a nation of young people. The country has exuberance of youth today. I appeal to the world to come here to consolidate itself, to manufacture, putting the power of youth and sell it to the markets across the globe. Within a few months, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has grown by 48 per cent across the country.  Ladies and Gentlemen, whether to attain new heights of development, be it Ease of Doing Business or launching Skill Development Mission among country’s youth or the unveiling of Digital India to realize the dream of building modern India, the effort is on day and night and hence Ladies and Gentlemen, it is natural for the world to come to India.


Ladies and Gentlemen, today world shivers and hatred crops up in our minds with the very name of terrorism. I convey to world that we people from India have been victimized by terrorism for 40 years. Our innocent people have been gunned down and killed. And whenever I used to get the opportunity to talk on this about 25-30 years ago, the world did not have the capability to understand terrorism. When I used to talk about terrorism, they kept saying, you have problems of policing and law and order. Now they have understood how intimidating terrorism is. Terrorism has no boundaries, one does not know on which boundary it will strike. When I was on my way here today, I heard about a bomb blast that took place in Bangkok. Many innocent people were killed. India has been fighting this menace for long. On one side, till the time the world community fights back the countries having terrorist mindset, terrorists and supporters of terrorism and on the other side the time has now come for the countries, believing in humanity and humanism, to come together and act against countries having mindset and support terrorism.


The concept of Good Taliban-Bad Taliban, Good Terrorism-Bad Terrorism is not going to work now. Everyone will have to take a decision whether they are with terrorism or humanity. India becomes a victim of these nefarious activities every now and then. We are constantly making endeavours towards finding the solutions to the problems. Very few people here know that Nagaland kept battling against problems like extremism, insurgency even before independence. As a result, this north-eastern region of India used to get victimized by violence and gradually this disease spread so much that different extremist, terrorist groups kept getting formed across  different states. This has been happening since pre-independence.


Today I am telling my dear countrymen with lot of satisfaction that a month ago, the talk with extremist groups of Nagaland, which once believed on terrorism and used to run weapon related activities, preceded successfully. Decision was made to bring them under main section. This was made possible after 60-70 years. I am referring this incident of Nagaland because I want to say to the youth of India and worldwide with an example that how critical the problem may be, eventually the path to peace can be achieved through dialogue. Some may be willing to go to the talking table after 10 years of fighting war, some after 20 years of fighting war, some after 40 years of fighting war but eventually the solution is to talk across the table to arrive at a decision. And that is why the wrong path of bombs and guns will not help anyone and also not help the humanity. This path of violence will not leave the world spotless. This will be a blot on the entire history. That is why leaving the path of violence and coming to the mainstream is the need of the hour today.


Dear brothers and sisters, the partition of Bangladesh and India took place in 1947. Then they were known as East and West Pakistan. East Pakistan which was known as Bangladesh was having a border dispute with India. This issue was causing a lot of tension on both sides. Both sides were skeptical of each other. This was a convenient situation for infiltration. With your and blessings of all, India took upon itself to resolve the issue through dialogue. I met the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina last September and I promised her. I asked her to trust me and give me some time. She said I have no option but to have faith. But today, my dear countrymen, I humbly say this to you that an issue pending since Independence was brought to a closure on August 1, 2015. Boundaries have been decided. Those who wanted to go to Bangladesh have gone there and those who wanted to come to India have come here. We got freedom on 15th August 1947. Being the citizens of India we felt proud. But these brothers and sisters of mine got the fortune of experiencing Independence on 1st August 2015. All the political parties came together and the Indian Parliament arrived at this decision through consensus, the decision was arrived at through dialogue.


This is no mean achievement, my dear brothers and sisters. And I always say to others, I say to our neighbouring country that those who tread the path of violence at some point of time have to come to the discussion table. In the same way issues with neighbours can be resolved only through dialogue.


Today India is playing an important role in international relations. It is working for humanity. When Nepal was hit by an earthquake, we did not waste time in asking what has happened, nor did we send any delegation to assess the damage. We did not ask people to call their relatives and find out about the damage? We did not wait for all this. Today we have that kind of a government in Delhi, which is visible every moment, everywhere. And in a matter of few hours we did whatever was possible. This was a humanitarian task. Our people selflessly offered their services in Nepal and till today we continue to do so.  Nepal is our neighbour. If they are unhappy and we are living happily is not possible. In their happiness lies our happiness.


You will be amazed. I went to Nepal after becoming the Prime Minster of India. If you want to go to Nepal, it takes about 70 minutes. From Delhi to Nepal, the travel time is 70 minutes, but it took 17 years for an Indian Prime Minster to reach Nepal. We went again, and rekindled the relationship. The sense of belonging! Today Nepal trusts India once again. India and Nepal are again partners in happiness and sorrow.  Sri Lanka saw Rajiv Gandhi as the Prime Minister, after that there has been no standalone visit by any Indian Prime Minster. So many years passed by. It is our neighbour. Every now and then our fishermen from Kerala and Tamil Nadu get into a tussle with their fishermen. But no one would go there. We went and not only this, I had the good fortune of wiping the tears of those affected by war as there was no other thing happening in Jaffna for the past 20 years other than having an environment of bombs and guns. I had the good fortune of visiting Jaffna as the Prime Minister.


Maldives is an island nation in our neighborhood which is way ahead in tourism.  Suddenly one day, all their water refining equipments were damaged. The entire country did not have water to drink. Now you can imagine, what it like is if the entire country does not have drinking water.  What a deep crisis it is? Maldives sent us a message that there is such a crisis. We did not waste a minute. Brothers and sisters we sent water through aircrafts to Maldives. From next day we started sending water through steamers. We continued the water supply till their equipments became functional again. We did not let them remain thirsty.


Afghanistan is our neighbouring country. Afghanistan is passing through crises. Since a long time, it has been suffering from wounds. Every moment India works to put a balm on Afghanistan’s wounds.  Afghanistan should be able to stand on its own once again, as we all are familiar with Kabuliwala since our childhood. When we talk about Kabuliwala it is with a sense of belonging. Dear brothers and sisters, it is our constant effort that India scales new heights of success. It is our aim to take India forward constantly and also to maintain friendly and cooperative relations with our neighbours.


We are trying to infuse a new life in the SAARC group of nations. And we made a successful attempt also. Otherwise earlier the SAARC platform was mainly used for confrontation or to corner India. Today we dream of taking as many members as we can with us and take this unit of SAARC to the highest horizon of success. We have declared that we will launch a SAARC satellite in 2016 which will provide free services to SAARC nations in the field of education, health, which may be useful for farmers and fishermen and also the common man. Sometimes back we intended that the SAARC nations should contemplate about connectivity and we know that in today’s world connectivity is very important for development. It is important to get connected, be it via rail or sea route or road route. The European countries have this benefit. You can move from one country to another country seamlessly, one just does not realize when the country changes. Can’t this be achieved among the SAARC nations? We tried to arrive at a common decision in Nepal. But some people have issues. But should we stop just because some people have issues? Should we stop our tasks? Should we be stuck? All right, it’s your will. You stay back while we embark on our journey. And so what did we do? We have taken one very major decision and the effects of that decision will be determined by the future itself. Nepal, Bhutan, India and Bangladesh have decided to create a new infrastructure, a complete plan for connectivity has been made, and an agreement has been reached. Going forward it will connect with the North East. From there on it will join Myanmar. It will give strength to India’s connectivity towards Indonesia, Thailand and the East and a new India will help create a new world through changed power of connectivity.


Dear brothers and sisters, India should play a role in a defined time frame, not with arrogance of being big but with the desire to take everyone along shoulder to shoulder. We want to scale new heights of development. We aim that the youth in India gets employment and there be a Second Green Revolution in our agriculture. Our eastern part of India, be it eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Assam, the North East or Assam, we have to admit that these areas of ours require more development. If those areas are developed then the eastern and western side of India will be equal and India will on a fast path of development. Hence, we have run a new campaign for the economic development of this eastern region. We have started a campaign of developing infrastructure. We are starting new fertilizer plants. We have to lay new gas pipelines. We have to provide electricity. You tell me, after so many years of Independence people should get electricity or not? Can anyone survive without electricity in today’s world? Dear brothers and sisters we have a dream that within the next five years we intend to provide 24 hours of electricity supply to each corner of India. And we will definitely achieve this.


My dear brothers and sisters living in Dubai, we have started an important scheme.  Previously in our country most people did not have a bank account. We did one thing, we opened an account for every Indian. Our citizens in India do not have Insurance. If there is some kind of a problem in the family then there is no one to look after the family. We have started three schemes- Pradhan Mantri Bima Suraksha Yojana and Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Yojana. And how much do the people need to pay for Insurance? In one of the schemes you have to pay one rupee a month which comes to Rs. 12 in 12 months. Even the poorest of the poor can pay, can’t they? Tell me can they or can they not? Can the poor pay a rupee a month or not. Rupees 12 a month………, or Rupees 12 per year will ensure him a sum of Rupees 2 lakhs. In the second scheme they will have even more benefits and that is 90 paisa per day, not even a rupee.  Today you do not even get tea for a rupee. So 90 paisa per day or Rs 330 per year and he too will get insurance cover. Even in case of natural death, not accidental, but natural, the family will get Rs 2 lakh. We are requesting people that it is a tradition in our country that on Raksha Bandhan we give the best gift to our sisters. We give some or the other gift. I would request my dear brothers living in the gulf to give this gift to their sisters. If you get a fixed deposit of Rs. 600 done, then every year she will get an interest of Rs 12 and your sister will get a protection of Rs 2 lakh. If you take both the schemes, then you will be gifting her Rs 4 lakh. Brothers and sisters, we have to make the life and society safe, educate our future generations, modernize the nation and today when the world is getting attracted to India we need to capitalize  and take India to new heights of success.


Dear brother and sisters, the respect and love that you gave me, is being watched by the entire country. These are effects of the changing times and it impacts the heart of every Indian. And I feel the Indian community the world over has found a new energy, a new power. Today when I came to Dubai, to Abu Dhabi, some things came to my mind, about which I want to tell you something. You have complaints regarding the embassy, the counsel, don’t you? If not then it is very good. But if you have complaints then the government has started an Online Portal called MADAD. Indians living worldwide can use that, so that your concerns can be taken forward. You can contact them through mobile too. Another thing we have started is the e-migrate portal. Using this all the immigrant Indians having any problem or complaint can put it up on this portal and receive help. They need not make unnecessary rounds of the emigration office. This travelling far again and again caused you trouble. I have been told that at some places the people are finding it difficult to use the e-migrate portal. So I have directed all the embassies to fix up the technical glitch within 30 days. Today is 17th August. I have instructed them to give a solution by 17th September and I am sure that these brothers of mine in the embassy will definitely resolve the technical issues.


There is another work I have pointed out. Here the Indians consist mainly of workers community. They do not have as much money to run from pillar to post. Hence we have asked to organize Counselor camp wherever the Indians live, be it once a month or once in two months. They organizers will sit with them, hear out their problems and make arrangements to resolve their problems. I am saying this because in this part of the world my poor brethren live, they come here as labourers. I may be able to do something or not for the people in America, but if I fail to do anything for you then it will make me sad. Hence we have launched another initiative. These days while travelling abroad, the fellow Indians end up in some trouble, like they fall sick, something happens, some legal hassles occur and then they may be sent to jail. In this case who will in the outside world look after them? The family is not with them. For such families who have to face such problems, we have established an Indian Community Welfare Fund. All embassies have been given this fund. So if someone gets into trouble, then within the legal framework whatever aid that can be provided, like food to a jailed person from a humanitarian point of view, for such type of work, we have established a Fund. We have also decided to utilize this Fund to improve the services of the embassies and those of Counselor in the Counsel so that they can better serve the citizens. Sometimes the people require legal help and they are not in a position to take it, sometimes they fined are1000-2000, inability to pay which forces them to languish in jail. For helping such persons the welfare fund can be used, we have made such arrangement. I know you have great difficulty in getting your children admitted in schools. Your children have to face difficulties in school. I have had consultations in this regard and directed the concerned people to see how many more schools can be started. Let us see, I believe that in the coming days you will benefit from it.


I believe my brothers and sisters that whatever small things came to my mind I tried to resolve them. My heartfelt compliments to you all, where ever my countrymen are, we will not see the colour of the passport. The colour of blood is enough, the bond of our motherland is enough. So wherever we are, let us work together to make our nation proud, and let us take an active part in creating a life of dignity. Your strength, your contributions may make your families and your country capable too. With these best wishes I would like to thank you all.


Close both your fists and repeat with me, Bharat Mata Ki Jai! Close your fists and say with complete strength so that you are heard in the farthest corner in India, in your own village Bharat Mata Ki Jai! Bharat Mata Ki Jai! Bharat Mata Ki Jai! Bharat Mata Ki Jai!


Thank You Very Much!