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19-August-2014 14:34 IST
English rendering of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s address during the foundation stone ceremony for four-laning of "Kaithal-Narwana-Hisar-Rajasthan Border" Highway at Kaithal
Bharat Mata Ki jai! Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

The honorable Governor of Haryana Sri Captain Singh ji, respectable Chief Minister of Haryana Sri Hudda ji, my cabinet colleague Sri Nitin Gadkari ji, all the dignitaries present on the dais and my dear brothers and sisters present here in large numbers.

Yesterday the entire nation celebrated Janmashtami. Whenever one thinks of Sri Krishna one is reminded of Kurukshetra. This is the holy land of Kurukshetra where morality had its victory. This is the land which gave the message of eternal peace. Probably Geeta is the only scripture in the world which was created on a battleground. Today I have the great fortune of coming to this land of Haryana.

This is my first official programme in Haryana after swearing in as the Prime Minister. But I am very grateful to the people of Haryana for the love, enthusiasm and zeal shown by them. I want to assure the people of Haryana that I will return all this love with interest by accelerating the development here. I know Haryana as much as I know Gujarat. I had the opportunity of staying here for some years. I got a chance to understand the life here. I got to learn many things about Haryana and it is a matter of pride for me that I have come to the land where Dayanand Saraswati was born and his teachings are still relevant in every household of Haryana. We can still feel the presence of Dayanand Saraswati’s teachings on the social life and value systems of the people of Haryana. So it is obvious that all those who value morals and principles will be welcomed here. It is natural to have respect for the people here. I am familiar with the sense of humor of the people of this place. They can express the most difficult things easily with a sense of humor in their simple rustic style.

What does this huge ceremony indicate? What message does this crowd send out? Brothers and sisters, this zeal and enthusiasm of the crowd sends out the message that the people have faith in development. Their priority is normal human development. We may talk to a farmer, a labourer, a taxi driver or a rickshaw puller, all of them want relief from misery and backwardness. They want to move forward with the world. And if we want to move forward then development is the only option.

Today, we can rid ourselves of our difficulties only through development. The youth of our family need employment. If there is no development where would employment come from and if there are no employment opportunities how will the youth find jobs. Whatever land a family may own, what is the farmer today thinking? The farmer thinks that if he has three sons, one son will work on farms and the rest may go to cities to find jobs and earn a living. We have to understand the realities of the land and take the nation forward on the path of development. When development is a priority then infrastructure needs to be strengthened. Highly modernized rail, road and airports need to be developed really soon, so that development possibilities may gather momentum. Haryana is the best example for this. We do not need to go out to understand this. I have travelled every street and corner of Haryana hence I know it. You must have seen the National Highway no-1, it runs from north to south and passes through Haryana. You must have seen the rapid development that has taken place on both sides of the road. But as soon as it enters Haryana we feel something missing. Because it was a good road, there was development on both sides of highway no-1. So when a network of roads is made development is speedier. The way we have nerves and arteries for blood to flow in our body same way the roads perform an arterial function in the life of a nation. They are the ones which take development to the farthest corners.

This road NH-1 connects Haryana and Rajasthan. This does not mean that there will only be vehicular movement. When two states get an additional route their capacity is enhanced, which is conducive for trade and commuting both. So it is not only going to benefit Haryana but Rajasthan too. And if Rajasthan and Haryana prosper the nation will also prosper. And so, in keeping your faith, we have prioritized infrastructure. And the infrastructure will not be like it used to be earlier dated. Earlier the contractor would put some tar, paint it black and sell it as a road. With the first rains the road would be destroyed. God knows where all the money has gone. Now times have changed. The citizens of the country are witnessing the changes that are happening in the world. They too have hunger for infrastructure of international level. And we have to fulfill this demand. If we want to take the country ahead we have to think ahead. So only road network will not suffice for infrastructural needs. Only rail networks will not cater to the infrastructural needs of 21st century. If we want to create a 21st century infrastructure, we need to create optical fibre network, develop gas grids, water grid and take electricity to each household. We have to take the most modern science and connectivity to every household of each village. We have to plan in this direction. We are working swiftly in the direction of providing modern science to the villages of India, so that the children get good education, that they benefit from distance education through technology, there is a network of broadband connectivity, there is optical fibre network. We need to strengthen these aspects to fulfill the aspirations of the new generation and for the formation of a modern India.

Dear brothers and sisters, I had shared some feelings of my heart in my address to the nation on 15th august. But some people were of the view that I did not mention anything about corruption in my speech. I said that some people have the habit of questioning everything. And if nothing works out, they take an indifferent approach. This indifference has ruined the nation. I don’t think anyone present here supports corruption. You tell me should we free the country of corruption or not? Should we take strong steps in this direction or not? If I take strong steps do I have your support? With your support and blessings we can rid the nation of this menace. This disease is so widespread, so harmful; it has destroyed the life of the entire country. We have to create this kind of environment against corruption. The nation is not prepared to bear these evils for a very long time.

My dear brothers and sisters of Haryana, when I had the opportunity of being amidst you during my election campaign, I had said that Haryana has a special right on me. And today after assuming the charge as Prime Minister, I reiterate that Haryana has a special right on me. Many schemes of the central government have been lying incomplete for the past 2-4 years. I want to assure you all my dear brothers and sisters that all these pending projects will be restarted and will be completed soon. The government at the centre is committed to complete them.

The farmers of Haryana fill the food stores of India. Dear brothers and sisters our farmers fill the food grain stores whereas their own pockets remain empty. We want to take the nation on a journey where the food stores are also filled and the pockets of the farmers are also filled. Haryana has contributed to the great agricultural revolution of the country. The hardworking farmers have never shied from filling the stomach of the country. I salute the farmers of Haryana. But I want to assure the farmers of Haryana, like Atal Bihari ji connected all the villages with permanent roads under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, similarly we have planned Pradhan Mantri Gram Sinchai Yojana to provide water to each household in the villages. If the farmers get water then they do not need anything more. Once he gets water he can reap gold from his fields. The farmers can change the fortune of India working in the field. So if we have to change the lives in villages, we have to modernize the agriculture, see that our farmers use scientific methods of farming and animal husbandry is also carried on at the same time so that the farmers don’t face trouble when monsoon fail. The arrangements should be such that through animal husbandry, the farmer can easily pass a year depending on their live stocks if the crops fail.

Brothers and sisters let us take this mantra of development to each village, each lane, each house and each individual of Haryana. Let Haryana carve a place for itself in the topmost states of India. And for that the state and the central government have to work in coordination and change the fortunes of Haryana. With these expectations I extend my good wishes to you all.

Say along with me “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”, “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”, “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”.