Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
03-July-2018 16:06 IST
Powers to allot/allow retention of accommodation for Armed Forces Personnel with differently abled children delegated

Ministry of Defence in its recent order has decided to decentralise the powers for priority allotment of married accommodation to the personnel having differently abled children. Allotment or retention of an accommodation, on the grounds of a differently abled child by Armed Forces personnel, for an initial period of three years has now been delegated to the Local Military Authorities at the level of GOC Sub Area. This can be extended for a further period of two years by the same authorities. The delegation of powers is equally applicable to all the three services. In case of Command Hospital (CH) the competent authority to give such priority allotment would be Commandant of the CH.

This measure is likely to mitigate the difficulties expressed by Armed Forces personnel having differently abled children as they are called upon to move to different locations at short notices.

SRR/Ao/ Nampi/Rajib