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21-October-2018 19:54 IST
English rendering of PM's speech on the occasion of dedication of National Police Memorial to the Nation

Honorable former Vice Prime Minister of our country, respected Lal Krishna Advani Ji, union home minister Shri Rajnath Singh Ji, other colleagues in the council of ministers, my colleagues in the parliament, award winners ofpolice forces, the brave sons who witnessed the Hot Spring Incident, family members of the martyrs present here and other dignitaries and my dear brother and sisters,

There are several moments in the lives of all of us when we must bow down to the valour. We are full of pride but we also feel a tide of emotions inside us. For me, this moment is similar to that.

I respectfully bow down to every single person dedicated to the security of the country; I respectfully bow down to the families of martyrs present here on the occasion of Police Memorial Day. Today is the day to remember the supreme sacrifices made by you people in addition to the services rendered by you people which has been a tradition ofour police and paramilitary forces.

Police Memorial Day is also an occasion to remember the stories of those brave hearts of police forces who discharged the duties as the first line of defense on the snow clad mountains of Ladakh and had laid down their lives. Today is also an occasion to remember those thousands of martyrs of police forces who have laid down their lives, who laid down everything, their youth and their life by following the path of duty since independence to till date. I bow down to every such brave man and women. I bow down to all of you, I bow down to the family of every martyrs, several family members of them are also present here, those who have made such a big sacrifice for the country.


I am fortunate that I got the opportunity to dedicate National Police Memorial, which is a symbol of immortal stories of service and dedication to the nation. The central structure built in this memorial is a symbol of every policeman’s capability, valor, service and emotions.

The water flowing beneath the rock is a symbol of ever flowing harmony in our society. The wall of valor contains the names of those 34,844 police personnel who have made supreme sacrifice in different states of the country while fighting separate challenges.

I am confident that everything kept in this newly constructed memorial, every single memory will inspire every citizen, will inspire our young colleagues, it will inspire the future of our country – our children - about the glorious history of our police and paramilitary forces.

The way you people remain steadfast on the path of your duties throughout day and night and without being tired when you people man your posts in all the seasons, in summers, in winter, in rainy season, in snow and on every festival and always, similarly the same feelings reflects inside us just by having a glance of this memorial.


This is the testimony of your noble-mindedness that the elements who want to disrupt the peace of the country end up being disappointed. You people have foiled several attempts to create an atmosphere of fear and insecurity in the country. This kind of conspiracies, details of which are not disclosed to public, this kind of bravery for which you people are never appreciated publicly, every moment of the country and its citizens that passes peacefully, it is possible only due to this kind of sense and devotion of you people towards the duty.


Today is the occasion to remember every Jawan of the country who is fighting terrorism to establish peace and stability in Jammu & Kashmir. I would say the same thing to every Jawan who is deployed in Naxal affected districts of the country that you people are doing excellent work, and you people are marching ahead at a fast pace towards restoring the peace.

If the numbers of Naxal affected districts are coming down today, if more and more numbers of youth of those areas are joining the mainstream then the efforts made by you people have played key role in it. Today, we are feeling the valor and sacrifices made by our colleagues in the North East. Your contribution is there in the development of our North East which is becoming a symbol of peace and prosperity.


Today is also an occasion to remember those Jawans whose service is not discussed much, who are dedicated for disaster management, who provide relief work at the time of any mishappening or natural disaster.

Today, I would like to tell the countrymen that if any natural calamity strikes any place then in the last few years you people would have seen that the Jawans, wearing the uniforms with NDRF and SDRF written on it, have been working hard day and night to save the lives of people.

However, the country is not aware that these are the same Jawans of our police forces wearing the Khaki uniform. May the country never forget their courage, their dedication and service! Many people don’t even know that who are the people that take charge of relief and rescue work after collapse of a building, or when a boat tragedy occurs, or when there is a fire and or when there is an accident inside the train. Today, I sincerely congratulate all of you, to all the colleagues who have been deployed to every police post, to every police station in every state of the country, to those who have been dedicated in the security of every national asset, on the occasion of this commemoration day.


This memorial is dedicated to the service and valor but it also reflects the government’s commitment. And the basis for which is the respect for every Indian associated with the national security which is a symbol of the country and nation building. Today, I am proud of the National Police Memorial but I also have a few questions. Why 70 years since independence have passed in accepting the need for this police memorial? The Hot Spring Incident, which is behind the celebration of Police Day, even that incident too occurred 60 years ago. Then why wait for so many years?


The idea for this memorial dedicated to the police forces of the country first occurred 20-25 years ago. Then government had approved it, however, the first step to make it a reality on the ground was taken by the government of AtalBihar Vajpayee Jiand the then home minister respected Advani Ji had also laid a foundation stone for it in 2002. Today, Advani Ji himself is present here and he is proud of realisation of his dream. However, he is very well aware that how the work could not progress after laying of foundation stone by him.

I accept that the work was stalled for a few years due to some laws, however, if this was the intent of the previous government and if they had made a genuine attempt then this memorial would have been constructed several years ago. However, the previous government allowed the dust to settle on the stone installed by Advani Ji.

In 2014, when NDA government came to power once again then we allocated the fund and today this grand building is being dedicated to the nation. Perhaps, God has chosen me, God has selected me for doing such a noble thing. This is the style of work of our government, today, a culture to achieve the target within time has been developed.

You people would remember it that Ambedkar International Centre was dedicated to the people here in Delhi. The discussion for that memorial had also stared around 1992, however, its file was gathering dust for two decades. The file was retrieved after formation of this government. The foundation was laid for the centre and it was dedicated to the nation as well. Similarly, the work to construct a national memorial at Baba Saheb Ambedkar’s residence at 26, Alipur road was started during the time of AtalJi. However, the work on project was stopped after his government went out of power. Foundation stone for that was laid after formation of our government and I got the good opportunity to dedicate that memorial to public in April this year. I am happy that this grand memorial has been inspiring the world today.


Sometimes, I grapple with very serious questions in my mind that what is the reason behind the previous government’s contemptuous attitude towards those people who sacrificed everything for the country and who showed the bravery for the country and who made the supreme sacrifice for the country. This has never been part of our tradition and culture. We are the people who sacrificed everything for the glory of the country despite being starving for the food.

I am proud that in the last four years we have again succeeded in establishing that tradition where the respect for every such individual has been ensured who has contributed to the nation building and who is a guardian of nation building.

Today, the public dedication of national police memorial is a part of the series of that tradition. Exactly 10 days from today, I will get the opportunity to dedicate the sky-high statue of Sardar Bhai Patel at Kewadia in Gujarat on October 31. The world’s tallest statue will reflect the contribution made by Sardar Saheb for the country.


I believe that this memorial should not just become a place for visit but it should be developed as a mean that imparts the knowledge about the country’s tradition and glory to the next generation; that provides the information about the bravery of police forces. I would suggest that the statute of every martyr who worked hard and made sacrifices for our country should be installed in those schools where they have studied. When our students will see the statues of our brave hearts then they will get a new inspiration.


We should create such kind of atmosphere that if any Jawan of police, paramilitary or military passes from a place then there should be a natural respect for him. This police memorial, the statues of martyrs and their stories are taking us in that direction. Today, on this occasion, I would like to make an important and historic announcement before you people.


The Jawans of our police and paramilitary are the first one to respond in case of any tragedy or natural calamity in our country. National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) can’t even be imagined without them. They risk their lives for saving other’s lives during the time of emergency. However, it is also true that we don’t pay attention on this thing during those difficult times. They go back to their place of posting or to their battalions after the return of normalcy. Today, I am announcing a new honor for those brave hearts dedicated to the service of saving other’s lives during the disaster management.

This award will be declared on the name of valiant son of mother India Neta Ji Subhash Chandra Bose on 23rd January every year on the occasion of his birth anniversary. Subhash Babu’s name, who made the impossible possible, who played an important role in forcing the British to leave India, will make the award more glorious. It’s a matter of even more pride that 75 years of the foundation of Azad Hind Sarkar established by him is being completed today.

Brothers and sisters,

In addition to the glorious tradition and spectacular past of valour, bravery and sacrifice, I would like to draw your attention to the challenges of future.

Today, technology has completely revolutionized the life. It’s obvious that it also impacts the way crime is being committed. Criminals are using technology as a weapon. Rumours and cyber crime are emerging as a big challenge. In such a situation, policing apparatus has to include technology and innovation in its functioning in addition to maintaining better coordination with other agencies.


In this direction, several worthwhile efforts have also been made in the country. Police have been providing the facility of filing FIR or social media or online in several states of the country. Traffic related problems are also being handled through social media. It’s a commendable step and we have to take them to such a level that for routine complaints and for minor verification no one needs to come to a police station.


All of you are aware that just last year the government took a major initiative for police reforms. MPF or Modernisation of Police Schemes, it means that nearly Rs. 45,000 are being spent on the police infrastructure, technology or training by 2019-20. Under this scheme, several works of modernizationare being undertaken like technology communication and modernization of systems so that police force can move at a fast pace with modern weapons. Besides, work is going on a scheme for creating a national database of crime and criminals by integrating police stations. The efforts are being made to integrate this database with other systems of administration of justice like forensic labs and courts.

The government has been trying to provide smart technology to every state, every city for improving our law and order and traffic management. However, technology can never substitute for human sensitivities. This is the reason that the role of every member of police force is very important. You people are the first line of defence of the oppressed, persecuted, exploited section of the society. You are the first friend who is the most sought after in the difficult times. Therefore, you do have a responsibility in establishing the law and order but you also have a responsibility of understanding the grievances of people in a sensible manner and wiping off their tears.

This bond between the police and society will become even stronger by offering a glass of cold water, and by speaking two words of love to every persecuted and exploited person who comes to a police station. The system of cooperation and public participation will become even strong when this bond becomes stronger. It will also help all of you in a big manner in controlling the crime with the help of society. I firmly believe in this thing.

In the end, once again I congratulate all of you for this modern National Police Memorial on the occasion of Police Commemoration Day.

I would like to especially urge to the chief ministers of all the states that they should visit the memorial by making a programme and pay tribute to these police personnel.

And they should specially honor those people who are in their state’s list. They must visit the memorial, they should plan it with the help of officers. I conclude my speech by bowing down to your duty and dedication and by conveying my best wishes for the upcoming festivals to these families of policemen.

Thank you very much to all of you.