Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Prime Minister's Office
11-December-2018 11:18 IST
English rendering of PM's statement to media at the start of the Winter Session of Parliament

Namaskar friends,

You all are welcome to the Winter Session. This session is important. I hope that we all strive towards accomplishing the maximum possible tasks that are of public importance and significant to the country for the welfare of the people and the country. I believe that all the members of the House will move ahead with this spirit. We have been relentlessly striving to have discussions on different issues. The discussion could be an open one and a heated one but it must take place. There might be debates, discussions and conversations but I would like to request the House to work even beyond the stipulated time and all the important subjects of discussion must reach to a conclusion. Efforts should be towards making the discussion more meaningful and robust. And I believe that all the political parties who will be facing the test in the month of May will make the most out of this session keeping in mind the welfare of the public and not for the interests of their respective parties. With this belief, my best wishes to you all.


Thank you!