Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
31-October-2006 14:24 IST
Indian Army and US Marines: Joint Exercise – EX Shatrujeet
Indian Army presently is conducting a joint exercise with United States Marine Corps, near Belgaum in Karnataka. The exercise concludes on 02 Nov 06. One Rifle Company of 21 PUNJAB and a company of the United States Marine Corps ex 2/4 Marine Expeditionary Units MARFORPAC are participating in the exercise.

The exercise aims to conduct joint Indo-US CT (Counter Terrorism) training in semi-urban terrain with a view to enhance interoperability at functional level and share experience of CT operations alongwith OOTW (Operations Other Than War) training and operations of an Infantry/Marine company as part of an Infantry Marine Battalion.

The focus of is on interoperability with regard to sharing of intelligence, communications, weapons and equipment, use of minimum force to achieve desired military objectives, measures to minimize collateral damage and mission accomplishment with minimum casualties. The joint training will culminate in a validation exercise based on Cordon and Search Operations.

The exercise is planned as part of Indo-US Defence Cooperation under the aegis of Defence Policy Group and will provide an opportunity for both forces to interact and work together. The first such exercise with United States Marine Corps was held in June 2005 at Camp Pendleton which was attended by troops of the Indian Army.

Indian Army has varied experience of combating terrorism over several years as also the US Army with its experience in Iraq and Afghanistan can share expertise at the functional level, to refine tactics and enhance operational effectiveness.