Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
22-August-2008 16:16 IST
Joint Indo-UK Exercise Training in Mechanised Warfare EX Lions Strike and EX Wessex Warrior
Mechanised Infantry troops of the Indian Army will carry out joint training and exercises with UK Army in UK from 29 Aug to 19 Sep 2008. This is for the first time in the history of independent India that a mechanized infantry company will travel to UK for joint training with UK Army. The training will be at battalion group level and will be conducted at Land Warfare Centre in Salisbury Plains in UK.

India and UK are key strategic partners and enjoy a close defense relationship. This exercise is a great step for the Armies of two democratic countries to train together and gain from each others experience. UK Army had earlier participated in joint training with Indian Troops in India last year and this exercise is reciprocal to UK forces training in India.

The Indian contingent comprises of 126 all ranks including the command elements of the 16 Mech Inf Regiment while the British troops are from the 3rd Mercian Regiment. Prior to conduct of joint exercises at the battalion combat group level, the company will undergo a familiarization and interoperability training with the 3rd Mercian Regiment of the British Army. The 3rd Mercian Regiment is an amalgamation of old British units and has served in India during the mid 19 th century. This will be followed up with two joint operational maneuvers, named Ex Lions Strike and Ex Wessex Warrior.

General Deepak Kapoor who is scheduled to visit UK later in Sept 08, is also slated to witness the demonstration and joint maneuvers.

This is indeed a great opportunity for the Indian mechanized contingent to pit their skills with the mechanized forces of the British Army. Indian troops will also have a closer look at the state of the art training simulation facilities available at Land Warfare Centre, UK Army. UK Army in turn will also benefit immensely by interacting with the Indian Army Contingent forces and enhance interoperability between Armed forces of the two countries.