Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
11-March-2005 15:9 IST
Indo-UK Joint Exercise begins at Secunderabad
An Indo-UK joint exercise in planning and implementing humanitarian assistance under the United Nations mandate has begun at Secunderabad. This exercise is being done to improve the joint capabilities and effectiveness in dealing with contemporary situations requiring international peacekeeping effort. It is for the first time that such a joint training exercise is being planned by India and UK.

The imaginary scenario for the exercise depicts providing such assistance to a civil war torn country jointly by India and UK. The exercise is only for the planners and does not involve any troops. The participants for the exercise have been drawn from the defence forces, civilian government officials and some Non-Government Organisations. The overall responsibility to schedule this exercise is being jointly shared by the Integrated Defence Staff (India) and the Chief of Joint Operations (UK).

The Indian Armed Forces are actively engaged in many peacekeeping missions for over five decades. Their performance in these missions has been applauded and recognised all over the world, especially their contribution for assistance in infrastructure related projects. UK too has been participating in similar ventures as part of UN Missions, Coalition or Multinational Forces. However, these two nations have not so far conducted any joint peacekeeping operations together.

Senior military and civilian officers would be monitoring the progress of events in this exercise. The Chief of Integrated Defence Staff, Army Commander of Southern Command, other Corps Commanders and Officers from the Ministry of Defence from both sides who would be visiting the exercise location. The administrative support for this exercise is being provided by the military formations located at Secunderabad.

The exercise will conclude on 19th of this month.