Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Tribal Affairs
27-January-2012 16:11 IST
Grants for Tribal Research Institutes
The grant is given by the Government to the Tribal Research Institutes (TRIs) set up by various State Governments on 50:50 sharing basis and 100 per cent grant to Union Territory Administration, under the scheme Grants-in-aid to Tribal Research Institutes. The expenditure is shared between the Centre and State Government for activities such as conducting research and evaluation studies, collection of data, conducting training, seminars and workshops on issues relevant to tribals, documentation of culture and languages of different tribal communities, customary laws, setting up of tribal museum for exhibiting tribal artifacts etc.

Preservation and promotion of tribal culture including tribal languages is an ongoing activity of TRIs. Projects such as setting up of tribal museums to preserve tribal art and artifacts and preparation of dictionaries, grammars, primers etc. in local tribal languages have been undertaken by TRIs. Besides these, the TRIs also organise tribal festivals in their States as an effort to promote tribal culture. Fund of Rs. 262.42 lakh sanctioned/released during the year of 2011-12.