Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Election Commission
27-January-2012 19:03 IST
EC Directs Authorities to Maintain Maximum Alertness to Ensure Peaceful Polls in Manipur
The Election Commission has noticed some violent and extremist activities taking place in certain areas of the state of Manipur in the run up to the polling in that State. This has included attacks on personnel on polling duty.

While the Election Commission of India has taken all measures for free, fair and peaceful election in Manipur with full and fearless participation of voters, it is keeping track of the developing situation in the State, especially in some of the districts and constituencies. The Commission has today once again directed the Election machinery in the State and the law and order authorities there to maintain maximum alertness and take the most stringent measures in order to ensure that peace during the polling is not affected and the election process is not vitiated.

However, the Commission has received certain concerns over the developing situation and as such, is keeping a direct watch over the situation in the State all the time and would take all measures that might become necessary to ensure free and fair polls.

Election Commission of India
New Delhi , 27th January , 2012