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04-July-2013 14:50 IST
‘RAHAT’ Of Different Kind in KULGAM, J&K

On 30 June, even as ‘OP RAHAT’ was underway in Uttrakhand, rescue mission of another kind was launched from Udhampur for saving life of five Kashmiri youth stranded on an iceberg in a lake in KAUSER BAG, 26 km south of AHARBAL close to KULGAM in J&K.

HQ AOC J&K of the IAF on receiving request from J&K Police, launched a Cheetah helicopter of 132 FAC Flt from Udhampur at 1504 hrs for the rescue mission. Captain, WgCdrAnshulSaxena, prepared for contingency to winch up the marooned youth on the island in the lake. At an altitude of 13000’ and in the prevailing weather conditions pilot had to muster all his experience and expertise to reach the site. On getting closer, the size of the floating ice-island presented the pilot with a choice to land and pick up the survivors. The pilot exercised all caution not to put full weight of helicopter on the iceberg and held to the power of the helicopter to remain light on contact with surface. He also reached towards iceberg slowly and cautiously to avoid rotor downwash from helicopter throwing the survivors off balance into the freezing water. Having landed on a portion of island, away from the survivors and he picked them up in batches. In three shuttles all five stranded youth were rescued by the helicopter, in full view of the local crowd that had gathered near the lake to witness the entire rescue ops as it unfold in front of their eyes.

It is still not known as to how these five youth named Aadil, Salmaan, Fahad, Mohil and Amir, landed on the iceberg in middle of the lake. In a lighter vein, the IAF pilots feel great to rescue such ‘Adventure Spirited Youth’ who strike a common chord with them because…………………. Zindagi Na MilegiDobara.