Ministry of Defence22-September, 2006 17:4 IST
Coast Guard rescues 78 personnel from capsized trawler / Ferry Maa Kamla
In yet another true maritime spirit and savior of sea, 78 personnel from a capsized trawler were rescued by the Coast Guard Hovercraft, off Haldia, yesterday. At about 1725 hrs on 21 Sep 2006 information was received by Coast Guard District Headquarters No. 8 at Haldia (West Bengal) about capsizing of one fishing trawler / ferry boat “Maa Kamla” between Nayachara Island and Kulpi. The vessel was reportedly ferrying personnel from Kulpi to Khajuri.

On receipt of the information, Indian Coast Guard Hovercraft H-186 was immediately sailed from Haldia at about 1735 hrs on 21 Sep 2006 for rendering necessary rescue assistance. The weather in the area was very rough with strong winds and heavy rains resulting in poor visibility. However, the Hovercraft arrived on the area and rescued 74 personnel including two children floating in water near the accident site. The partially capsized trawler was also located by the Hovercraft and four more survivors trapped in its vicinity were also rescued. The rescued personnel were provided first aid and food. As the exact details of the number of passengers in the boat were not available, the area around the incident site was searched for locating remaining survivors. However, no survivors were sighted. The rescued personnel were brought to Haldia and handed over to the local police. It was also ascertained from the police that eight more survivors had reached ashore by swimming. To rescue the remaining survivors, Coast Guard has launched a sea-air coordinated search in the accident site, today, by engaging one of its hovercraft as well as a Dornier aircraft.

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