Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas27-June, 2009 15:16 IST
Oil sector Vision 2015 for ‘Consumer Satisfaction and Beyond’

The Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Shri Murli Deora, finalized  the oil sector Vision - 2015  forConsumer Satisfaction and Beyond’ in a CEO Conclave concluded late yesterday evening at Goa. The Conclave was  attended by the Minister of State for Petroleum & Natural Gas, Shri Jitin Prasada, Secretary (P&NG) Shri R.S. Pandey, Addl. Secretary (P&NG) Shri S. Sundareshan and CEOs of all the oil PSUs. 

      The Vision would focus on providing better services to customers which in a way means all the citizens of the country as each individual in some way or the other is a consumer of oil.  The Vision with regard to the customers would cover four broad areas i.e. LPG, Kerosene, Auto Fuels and CNG/PNG. 

1. LPG

o  Pace of new LPG connections to be increased substantially.

5.5. crore new connections till 2015 to raise population coverage from 50% to 75%.  Total number of LPG customers would reach 16 crore with most of the new connections being released in rural areas as urban areas are largely covered.  Focus would be on  areas where LPG coverage is low. 


          Switchover from Kerosene to LPG

o  All towns with population > 5 lakh to be have 100% LPG coverage.

o  Towns to be covered in phases beginning with the metros.

o  Corporate social responsibility fund of oil PSUs to be leveraged along with the State Governments to provide support to poor households to switch over from kerosene to LPG.

o  Oil companies to approach all registered Kerosene customers in these towns directly and offer LPG connections.

          SMS Booking/Toll Free No.

o  Introduction of SMS booking in all towns with population > 5 lakh in phases beginning with metros.

o  Common toll free three digit no. Like ‘139’ for customers complaints all over India.


          Anti Pilferage

o  Introduction of Anti Pilferage device for LPG throughout the country.

o  Introduction of better quality pressure regulators.

·     Promotion of better LPG gas stoves with STAR rating for fuel efficiency.

      Common LPG Kitchen

o  Rasoi-Ghar scheme of HPCL wherein common kitchens are set up in villages to be extended to all villages in country with population > 5,000.

o  CSR funds to be leveraged for this scheme.

Portability of LPG Connection

o  Portability of LPG connections amongst oil PSUs and dealers at will of customer as for mobile phones.

o  For working couples etc. cylinder delivery at desired time with a premium for such delivery.


         Kerosene Distribution

o  To ensure that the kerosene reaches the targeted beneficiaries, distribution against biometric smart cards beginning with large urban cities.

o  Smart card programme to be implemented by all oil companies in association with the State Govts.

       Direct Cash Transfer of Subsidy

o  Possibility of direct cash transfer of subsidy on kerosene to beneficiaries a/c to be studied in rural areas and if found feasible to be expanded to other areas.

    Packaged Supply of Kerosene


Feasibility of introducing packaged supply of kerosene in 5 litre recoverable pack to be studied to prevent diversion of PDS kerosene.



      3. AUTO FUELS:


Auto Fuels – Quality & Quantity

o  Quality & Quantity – Most important for the customers.

o  Technology to be used extensively for ensuring Q&Q.

Auto Fuels – Technology Savvy

o  Retail Automation to cover all outlets selling more than 100 KL/month.

o  GPS on all fuel and kerosene tankers and utilization of this data to improve quality of service.

o   Multi fuel/Electronic dispensers with improved sealing system at all ROs selling > 100 KL/month.

 Facility for Truck Fleets

o  Vehicles servicing stations on all National Highways at every 50 km. along with rest areas and dhabas.

o  Fleet tracking service on all National Highways.

RO Availability

o  Survey to be conducted to see possibility of providing Retail Outlet/Kisan Seva Kendra within 15 km. from any citizen.

    4. CNG/PNG: 


Some Facts

o  Present coverage in 35 cities

o  8.6 lakh PNG households

o  5 lakh vehicles

    VISION: By 2015, 200 cities to be covered. 


The Exploration and Production companies gave a vision to improve the oil security of the country through increased production. 

·     ONGC would endeavour to double its gas production by 2015.

·     OIL would double its crude and gas production by 2015.

·     OVL would endeavour to double its crude and gas production by 2015.


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