Ministry of Textiles04-July, 2013 17:18 IST
Textiles Minister K S Rao visits Chawki Rearing Centre in Karnataka

The Union Minister of Textiles Dr. K Sambasiva Rao, today visited the Chawki Rearing Centre, in Ramanagara district of Karnataka. Dr. Rao evinced keen interest in various technologies adopted by the unit targeting higher production and productivity. He was immensely impressed about the practices being followed and service rendered by the centre for the socio-economic upliftment of the farmers to develop the sericulture industry.

Dr. Rao also interacted with the personnel working at the unit and farmers about the income generation and involvement of young generation in the industry. He expressed happiness about younger persons taking up sericulture as a sustainable income generating avocation.

Mr. Sadasiva, owner of the Chawki Rearing Centre explained the activities of CRC to Textiles Minister Dr. Rao, Mrs. Monica Garg, Joint Secretary (Silk), Ministry of Textiles, Mrs. Ishita Roy, Member Secretary, Central Silk Board, Bangalore and officers of Central Silk Board and Department of Sericulture, Karnataka. He explained that the CRC made a humble foray into the then not-so-popular enterprise of scientific commercial silkworm chawki rearing in the year 1994 when the average farmers’ cocoon yield was hovering around 30 Kg. per 100 dfls with rampant crop losses of about 50%. Realising the importance of Chawki rearing concept for sustainable and increased cocoon productivity, the CRC is contributing in the supply of healthy chawki worms to the sericulture farmers by meticulously following the technologies covering egg handling, incubation, black boxing, brushing, maintenance optimal conditions of humidity and temperature, scientific rearing management upto II instar and appropriate transportation of chawki worms to the farmers. The concerted efforts of the CRC made the unit as a ‘Role Model’ for other enterpreneurs. At present, the unit is brushing about 70 lakh dfls per year serving the needs of about 20,000 farmers and achieved an assured average cocoon yield of 65 Kg/100 dfls.

Dr. Rao also paid a visit to the rearing of silkworms by shoot method by Mr. Ambareesh and appreciated his efforts for adopting the latest recommended technologies for achieving the increased productivity.


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