Ministry of Textiles12-September, 2013 19:15 IST
Continuation of centrally sponsored scheme "Catalytic Development Programme" for sericulture sector in the XII Plan period

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved the continuation of the centrally sponsored scheme of Catalytic Development Programme (CDP) of Ministry of Textiles relating to sericulture sector during the XII Plan period.

An outlay of Rs. 889 crore has been earmarked for this scheme with continuing the funding pattern of 80:10:10 for Central, State & Beneficiary in Special Status States (8 NE States, J&K, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh & Jharkhand).

The scheme would catalyze the efforts of States to achieve total production of 32,000 MTs of silk (increase of 38.77 percent over XI Plan production of 23,060 MTs), with a specific target of achieving production of 5,000 MT Bivoltine and 6,000 MT improved gradable cross breed mulberry silk (2A/3A Grade and above silk for consumption in power loom) by the end XII Plan.

It would also help in generating direct and indirect employment to the tune of 9.24 million by the last year of XII Plan.

The CDP comprises three major sectors, viz. (a) Mulberry Sector; (b) Vanya Sector, and, (c) Post Cocoon Sector. The CDP has been redesigned to meet the sectoral requirements, and to ensure that the sector grows at a healthy pace, While some of the existing components of CDP have been deepened / modified by taking up certain additional inputs / sub-components, certain new interventions have also been proposed in order to meet the zonal requirements. A new component viz. "Special Initiatives (Flexi Fund)" has also been proposed to address critical requirements for implementation of sericulture projects.

During the XII Plan the core objective of the Catalytic Development Programme is to scale up production, particularly, production of quality, bivoltine and Improved cross breed silk cocoons in the country through cluster approach.


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