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English Release 3-March 2015
Date Month Year
  • President's Secretariat
  • President of India to inaugurate week long Festival of Innovations at Rashtrapati Bhavan on March 7, 2015

  • President of India’s message on the eve of National Day of Bulgaria
  • Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, former PM of Nepal calls on the President
  • Increase in Demand for Medicinal Plants
  • Election Commission
  • Election Commission launches National Electoral Roll Purification and Authentication Programme (NERPAP) from today
  • Min for Develop. of North-East Region
  • Government to promote Northeast Study Center in JNU
  • Min of Agriculture
  • GIS System for Fisheries Sector
  • Employment in Agriculture
  • Use of Modern Equipments in Fruits Production
  • Formation of Multi State Cooperative Societies
  • Min of Chemicals and Fertilizers
  • Revival of Pharmaceutical Units
  • Indigenous Manufacturers Allowed Production of Fortified/ Coated Urea
  • Scheme Approved for Setting UP of Plastic Parks
  • Min of Civil Aviation
  • Thirtyfive Non-metro Airports Identified for Development
  • DGCA Sets up Unit to monitor Airfare
  • Min of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution
  • 100 Lakh MT wheat for Open Market Sale to contain prices
  • Steps Taken by the Government to contain prices of Essential Food Items
  • The Government targets 300 LMT wheat procurement for ensuing Rabi season
  • Measures to ensure remunerative prices for farmers
  • More than 242 lakh Families having highly Subsidised Foodgrains under the Antyodaya Anna Yojana
  • End-to-End Computerisation of PDS as a Mission Mode Project
  • Adequate foodgrains in the Central pool to meet the domestic requirement
  • Min of Corporate Affairs
  • CSR Activities in Metropolitan Cities of Maharashtra Question
  • Registration of Shell Companies
  • Need of Trained Professionals for CSR Activities
  • Records of Companies Under CSR Category
  • Min of Defence
  • Admiral Harry Harris Jr, Commander Pacific Fleet calls on Admiral Rk Dhowan, Chief of the Naval Staff
  • Intensifying Patrolling of Coastal Areas
  • Acquisitions of Submarines by Indian Navy
  • Quality of Products and Research made by DRDO
  • Appointment of Agents in Defence Deals
  • Participation of Finmeccanica in Defence Expo
  • Procurement of Stealth Fighter Aircraft
  • Restructure of BRO
  • Recruitment of Women in Armed Forces
  • Rehabilitation of Ex-Servicemen
  • Induction of LCA Tejas
  • Collision of Merchant Vessel with INS Cora
  • Stress on Investment Route in Defence Cooperation Agreements
  • Condition of Border Roads at Indo-China Border
  • Poor Conditions of Border Roads in Himachal Pradesh
  • Defence Procurement Deals Under Investigation
  • Defence Organisation Under the Purview of RTI
  • Min of Health and Family Welfare
  • Health Secretary Holds Review Meeting on H1N1
  • Recruitment Rules of Unani and Ayurvedic Pharmacists in CGHS Dispensaries
  • Registration of Slaughter Houses with FSSAI
  • Revision of National Health Policy
  • Side-Effects of Harmful Radiation from Mobile Phones and Towers
  • Effective Implementation of PNDT Act
  • Improvement of Service Conditions of Nurses
  • Compensation to Clinical Trial Volunteers
  • Formulary of Ayurvedic Medicines of CGHS
  • Diagnosing TB Under RNTCP
  • Strategy for Handling Genetically Transmitted Cancer Disease
  • Disposal and Recycling of Medical Wastes
  • Surrogacy Centres in the Country
  • Affordable Geriatric Healthcare
  • Avability of Oseltamivir to Treat Influenza a N1H1
  • Min of Home Affairs
  • False Cases
  • Crime Against People from North-East
  • Security of People from NER
  • Terror Camps in Bangladesh
  • Forensic Labs
  • Smuggling of Animals
  • Women Police Stations
  • Min of Law & Justice
  • Transfer of Shri Justice Raghvendra Singh Chauhan , Judge of Rajasthan High Court as Judge of Karnataka High Court
  • Appointment of Shri Justice Pradip Kumar Mohanty, Senior-Most Judge of Orissa High Court to Perform the Duties of the office of the Chief Justice of Orissa High Court
  • Min of Minority Affairs
  • Assistance to Women and Students of Minority Communities
  • Action Taken on The Report of Amitabh Kundu Committee
  • Min of Petroleum & Natural Gas
  • Global crude oil price of Indian Basket was US$ 59.95 per bbl on 02.03.2015
  • Min of Shipping
  • Agreement Signed for Export of Automobile Units through Kamarajar Port
  • Nitin Gadkari Launches ‘Shipping Samvad’
  • Min of Social Justice & Empowerment
  • Meeting of the Working Group on the Asian and Pacific Decade of Persons with Disabilities concludes toda
  • Training to Professionals for Care of Older Persons
  • Fund Allocation for OBCs
  • Improving the Condition of Older/Aged Persons
  • Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana
  • Financial Assistance for Scheduled Castes
  • 2.68 Crore Persons with Disabilities as per Census 2011
  • Institution for Deaf Students
  • Min of Urban Development
  • Two engineers of CPWD dismissed from service for corruption
  • Min of Youth Affairs and Sports
  • Sports Coaching Institutes in Rural Area
  • Youth Exchange Programme
  • Programmes through Nehru Yuva Kendras
  • Special Awards to Medal Winner in Sports Events
  • Funds for Development of Youth
  • National Service Scheme
  • Irregularities in Sports Bodies
  • Functioning of RGNIYD

Previous Date

Cabinet06-January, 2006 16:12 IST
Inclusion/Amendment in the Central Lists of OBCs

   The Union Cabinet today gave its approval to the additions/modifications/corrections of spellings in the Central List of OBCs pertaining to the States/UTs of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, NCT of Delhi, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Pondicherry and Uttar Pradesh as per the List given below.


            The castes/communities, which find place in the current/new entry and do not belong to the Creamy Layer, will get benefit of reservation in direct recruitment in Civil Services and posts under the Government of India. Further the eligible persons would be able to apply for financial assistance from the National Backward Classes Finance and Development Corporation (NBCFDC) for skill development and setting up of self-employment ventures.


(i)                   ‘Sikligar’ and ‘Siddula’ castes/communities of Andhra Pradesh in the Central List of OBCs.

(ii)                 ‘Bakho (Muslim)’ and ‘Thakurai (Muslim)’ castes/communities of Bihar in the Central List of OBCs.

(iii)                ‘Rai-Sikh (Mahtam)’ caste/community of NCT of Delhi in the Central List of OBCs.

(iv)                ‘Bhandari Naik’ caste/community of Goa in the Central List of  OBCs.

(v)                  ‘Dhangar’ as a synonym of Bharwad and Jagri, Khavas and Sagar castes/communities of Gujarat in the Central List of OBCs.

(vi)                ‘Aryakshatriya’ and ‘Sarige’ as synonyms of Somavamsha Arya Kshatriya and ‘Hindu Sadaru’ castes/communities of Karnataka in the Central List of OBCs.

(vii)               Twashta Kasar, Kansar as synonym of ‘Tambat’, ‘Kurmi’ as synonym of Kunbi and ‘Yellam/Yelam’ castes/communities of Maharashtra in the Central List of OBCs.

(viii)             The following castes/communities of Orissa in the Central List of OBCs:

a.       ‘Asini Patara/Aswini’ & ‘Ashwini Patara’ as sub-castes of Patara;

b.       ‘Rangini Hansi’ as sub-castes/synonyms of Hansi/Tanti.

c.       Kapala Velama, Kapulu Elama, Koppala Elama, Kappula Elama, Kupala Velama, Kapala Elama, Kapala Elaga, Kopala Velama a spelling variants of Koppula Vellama.

d.       Tamuli

(ix)               The following castes/communities of Uttar Pradesh in the Central List of OBCs:

a.       ‘Barai’ and ‘Chaurasia’ as synonyms of Tamoli.

b.       ‘Kurmi-Sainthwar/Kurmi-Mall’ as sub-caste of Kurmi.

c.       ‘Unai Sahu’.


i)                     Correction of spelling of ‘Methar (Muslim)’ caste/community as ‘Mehtar (Muslim)’ of Andhra Pradesh State in the Central List.

ii)          Correction of spelling in Hindi of  BÉÖEãÉÉÊcªÉÉ  caste/community as  BÉÖEãcèªÉÉ and deletion of word ‘Mahto’ from ‘Kurmi (Mahto)’ caste/community of Bihar State in the Central List of OBCs.

iii)         Correction of ‘Kurba (except in Coorg District)’ caste/community as ‘Kuruba’ of Karnataka State in the Central List of OBCs.

(iv)        Correction of spelling in Hindi of    ÉÊSÉ{{ÉÉ ÉʺÉxvÉÉÒ JÉjÉÉÒ caste/community as

            ÉÊSÉ{{ÉÉ-ÉʺÉxvÉÉÒ-JÉjÉÉÒ  of  Madhya Pradesh State in the Central List of OBCs.

(v)         Correction of spelling of the following castes/communities of Pondicherry in the Central List of OBCs:

Entry No.

Old Entry

New Entry





Chatadi (Chattada or Srivaishnava)

Chattadi (Chattada or Srivaishnava)





Isai Vallalar

Isai Vellalar or Melakarar


Kammalana, Kamsalas

Kammalar (Kamsali, Viswav-Brahman and Viswakarma, Kauruvaw)



Kosavans, Kuyavar



Kulela, Kulalar, Kummari








Mangala (Nayee-Brahman)

Nayee Brahmin/Mangali


















Pandithar (Ambattan, Pronopkari and Nasivan)






Tiyya, Elhura, Thiyyas


Vanniyakula Khatriya

Vanniakula Kshatriya including Vanniar or Vanniyar Gounder, Kondar or Vannia Gounder and Vannikandar (other than Vella Gounder belonging to Vanni Vanniyakula Kshatriya Caste)





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