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English Release 23-July 2014
Date Month Year
  • Vice President's Secretariat
  • Prime Minister's Office
  • PM releases Biography of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in Braille
  • PM offers floral tributes to Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  • Department of Space
  • GSLV Project
  • SAARC Satellite
  • Pricing of Satellite Transponders
  • Min for Develop. of North-East Region
  • Funds for North Eastern Council
  • NGO Funding in North East
  • Priority Sectors in North East
  • Min of Civil Aviation
  • Chennai Airport Scores High in Service Quality Survey
  • Min of Commerce & Industry
  • Trade Agreement with Malaysia
  • Trade from Nathu La Border in Sikkim
  • Trade with Neighbouring Countries
  • Unctad Report on FDI
  • Roadmap to Boost Investment Between Japan and India
  • FDI in Railways
  • Promotion of Services Sector Exports
  • Financial Assistance to Madhya Pradesh for New Industrial Development Hubs
  • Strengthening of Indian Patent Office
  • Evaluation of Impact of FTAS
  • Agreement Signed with China for Setting up Chinese Industrial Parks
  • Trade Relations with Pakistan
  • Min of Culture
  • Ticket Counters at National Monuments
  • Nomination for World Heritage Site Status
  • Heritage Site Abha-Neri in Bandikui, Rajasthan
  • Min of Earth Science
  • Earthquake Prone Areas
  • Coastal and Sea Water Pollution
  • Dust/Hailstorm
  • Climate Modeling
  • Min of External Affairs
  • Stapled Visa
  • US professional visas
  • Protection of human rights in Sri Lanka
  • Multiple Entry Visas
  • Indus water treaty
  • Indo-Myanmar boundary issue
  • Death of Indians in prisons abroad
  • Crisis management Team
  • Arrest of Indian Fishermen in Sri Lanka
  • Agreements with Bangladesh
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Finance Minister Asks Officers of Income Tax Department to Maximise the Use of Non Intrusive and Innovative Methods of Investigation; Calls for Training for Upgradation of Skills and Need for Capacity Building
  • Min of Home Affairs
  • Nominations Invited for Padma Awards
  • Mandatory Registration of FIR for Stolen Mobile Phones
  • Tackling Naxal Menace in Coordinated Way
  • ST Status to Bodo People as Per Bodo Accord
  • Establishment of Disaster MGMT Institute in Andhra Pradesh
  • Inter-State Joint Force to Tackle Maoist Attack
  • SOP for Repatriation OF Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants
  • Min of Human Resource Development
  • National Achievement Surveys for Evaluating Quality of Education Imparted in Schools
  • Min of Labour & Employment
  • Funds to Women Labour Division
  • Safeguarding Interests of Labourers in Labour Intensive Manufacturing Sector
  • Housing Facilities for Tea Garden Labourers
  • Liberalisation of Labour Laws
  • Review of the Works of DGMS
  • Checking Discrimination of Workers in Incorporated Unorganised Enterprises
  • Criteria of Employees for Coming Under Purview of EPFO
  • Rehabilitation of Freed Child Labourers
  • Min of Micro,Small & Medium Enterprises
  • Export Targets of MSMEs
  • KVIC
  • National Awards to Entrepreneurs
  • Funds for EDP
  • Revival of Small and Medium Enterprises
  • SFURTI Scheme
  • Min of Mines
  • Land Allotted to Private Parties for Mining
  • Revision of Royalty on Minerals
  • Functioning Mines in the Country
  • Mining Activities Prohibited by Apex Court
  • Justice Shah Commission Report on Illegal Mining
  • Mineral Production during May 2014
  • Min of Overseas Indian Affairs
  • Recruitment Agencies
  • Overseas Indian Centres
  • Illegal Migration
  • Min of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
  • Security for Whistle Blowers
  • Data on Corruption Cases
  • Pending Cases with CBI
  • Min of Petroleum & Natural Gas
  • Losses to Public Sector OMCS due to Subsidy on Oil and Gas
  • Independent Agency finalized to look into the issue of continuity of blocks of gas reservoirs
  • Steps Taken to Meet the Increasing Energy Demand
  • Global crude oil price of Indian Basket increased to US$ 105.99. per bbl on 22.07.2014
  • Min of Steel
  • Modernisation and Expansion of SAIL
  • Gap between Production and Demand of Iron Ore in the Country
  • Iron Ore Mining Area Allotted to VISP/SAIL
  • Ministry of Tourism
  • Revival of 'Brand India' Through Tourism
  • Safety Policy for Religious Tourist Places
  • Tourism Promotion Programmes
  • Financial Assistance to Goa for Tourism Sector
  • Tourist Destinations in Jharkhand
  • Shortage of Adequate Hotel Rooms
  • Promotion of Tourism in North-Eastern States
  • Min of Urban Development
  • Government working on the concept and contours of ‘Smart Cities’ Scheme, says Shri M.Venkaiah Naidu
  • Min of Women and Child Development
  • 400 districts already covered by the Strengthened & Resurrected ICDS Scheme
  • Shelter based schemes for women may be brought under a comprehensive Umbrella Scheme
  • Min of Youth Affairs & Sports
  • Standard of Football
  • Hockey Team Ranking
  • Issue of Indian Players Wearing Turban

Previous Date

Ministry of Environment and Forests08-August, 2007 17:7 IST
Salient Features of some prominent wetlands of India identified under National Wetland Conservation Programme

Chilika Lake in Orissa

         Area:    116,500 ha

         Assistance released so far: Rs 783.29 Lakhs (since 1988-89 to till date) Conservation Measures

         Catchment area treatment

         Participatory Integrated Watershed Management

-        Habitat improvement of Nalabana island

-      Weed Management

         Hydrological intervention for opening of new mouth

The opening of the new mouth has led to the following positive impacts on the

lagoon ecosystem:

         Improvement of the fishery

         Reduction in area under freshwater invasive species:

         Increased flushing of sediments

         Reduced waterlogging:

         Community Participation and Development

         Awareness Generation:

         Removal of Chilika Lagoon from Montreaux Record and Ramsar Award to Chilika Development Authority

         Chilika Development Authority was awarded the Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award and Evian Special Prize in Ramsar CoP 8 meeting held in Spain in 2002 for its outstanding achievement in restoring the Chilika Lake.

Harike wetland in Punjab (Ramsar Site)

Location:    Amritsar, Kapurthala and Ferozpur districts of Punjab.

Area:             41 sq km

Funds released so far: 251.124 lakhs (1987-2007)

Ecological features:

         Strategic reservoir for providing irrigation and drinking water

         This wetland is a habitat for over 400 species of birds, 7 species of turtles and other fauna and 170 species of flora.

         Very important rare birds like Indian Skimmer, Yellow eye Pigeon, Rufous-vented Prinia are found in the wetland

          1000 of migratory birds visit this wetland during winter. Conservation Measures

          Removal of water hyacinth by manual, mechanical and biological means.

         Water quality monitoring, catchment area treatment, mapping and survey, documentation of biological diversity has been carried out.

         Govt of Punjab involved Army for removal of weeds from Harike wetland in 2000-01. army had cleared an area of 7.5 km

         Soil conservation measures like earthen bunds, masonary drops structures, plantation, vegetative structures have been carried out in the catchment area.

Sambhar Wetland   (Rajasthan)

         The wetland has an area of 1, 39,325 ha

         Sambhar wetland in Rajasthan is one of 94identified wetlands by the Ministry of Environment and Forests for conservation and management.

         This wetland is also one of the 25 international wetlands under Ramsar Convention.

         Sambhar wetland is under stress mainly due to siltataion, encroachment, conversion of land for agricultural uses and salt production activities.

         This wetland is the most important wintering area for Lesser and Greater Flamingoes in India outside the Rann of Kutch. During the period from July to October numbers of Flamingoes visit the wetland.

Conservation Measures

         An amount of Rs 247.45 lakhs for undertaking soil conservation activities like survey & demarcation, contour bunding, drainage line treatment, check dams, silt detention structures, gabion structures, vegetative measures, afforestation in Sikar, Ajmer and Nagaur etc.

         The work for Rs 61.45 lakhs released during 2006-07 is under progress.

Keoladeo Ghana World Heritage  Site  (Rajasthan)

·         Area: 28.72 sq km

·         Ecological features:

               The Keoladeo Ghana world Heritage site known as the GHANA was declared a National park on 26th. August, 1981.

               As per the provision of the Wild life ( Protection) Act, 1972, grazing of livestocks inside the Keoladeo Ghana NP was banned in 1982

               The park supports a wide diversity of habitats. The flora consists of 375 species of angiosperms of which 90 species are wetland species.

              The fauna is significant from ornithological point of view being regular wintering the area in India for the central population of the rare and endangered Siberian crane.

              In the recent year there has been reduction in the number of migratory birds visiting the Park including Siberian crane

Conservation Measures

                    Feral cattle within the park are a serious issue for the management. The local people often dump their useless cattle inside the park and retrieve them only when they start giving milk.

                    Water is an issue of prime concern for the Park. The Park requires a total of 540 million cubic feet for flooding and this water comes from the Ajan Bandh, the flow being controlled by the irrigation Deptt, Govt of Rajasthan.



                    Under the scheme 'Development of national Park and Sanctuaries' Govt of India has approved financial assistance for the Park to carry out management interventions.

Pong Dam wetland in Himachal Pradesh(Ramsar Site)

Location:    Kangra district of H. P.

Area:                    15,662 ha

Funds released so far: Rs 191.13 lakhs

Ecological features:

         Pong Dam wetland in H.P.  is one of 94identified wetlands by the Ministry of Environment and Forests for conservation and management.

         This wetland is also one of the 25 international wetlands under Ramsar Convention.

         Pong dam wetland is used for irrigation purposes.     

         This wetland is a habitat for over 1000 species of birds ( migratory and residential)

Conservation Measures

         Water quality monitoring, catchment area treatment, mapping and survey, documentation of biological diversity has been carried out.

         Soil conservation measures like earthen bunds, masonary drops structures, plantation, vegetative structures have been carried out in the catchment area.

         An amount of Rs 191.13 lakhs has been released so far, for the conservation and management activities in this wetland .

         The assistance has also been provided to the state govt   for making a documentary film on pong dam wetland

Kolleru wetland in Andhra Pradesh(Ramsar site)

         Kolleru wetland in A.P.   is one of 94identified wetlands by the Ministry of Environment and Forests for conservation and management.

         This wetland is also one of the 25 international wetlands under Ramsar


         The area of the wetland is 19,100 ha.

         So far an amount of Rs 70.89 lakhs has been released.

         There was complains from Ramsar Secretariat for putting Kolleru wetland under

Montreaux Record because of various detrimental activities in terms of construction of fish ponds which resulted in hindrances in water circulation and obnoxious weed growth in the wetland.

Information in this regard was sent to the State Govt, to give latest status about  activities undertaken to save this wetland being put under Montreaux Record..

         In response to our concern, a high level committee has been constituted under the chairmanship of Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh to look into restoration of Kolleru wetland in the State having number of Cabinet

           Ministers as its members. On directions from Supreme Court all the       

          illegal fish farms have been demolished.

         State Govt, has also engaged some consultant to make a comprehensive Management Action Plan for conservation of Kolleru wetland for long-term conservation measures. Action pertaining to creation of Kolleru Development Authority has been initiated by State Govt.

Loktak Lake  in Manipur (A Ramsar site)

         Loktak Lake in Manipur is one of the 94 wetlands identified for conservation under national wetland conservation programme.

         This lake is also a Ramsar site under Ramsar convention.

         The total area of the lake is 26,600 ha.

       So far an amount of Rs 707.82 lakhs has been released.
Significant achievements

         Establishment of baseline data

         Catchment area treatment

         Assessment of hydrological regimes

         Sustainable fisheries management

         Community based Demonstration programmes which include low Cost sanitation, integrated farming, community owned hatchery, handloom and handicraft, formation and management of self-help groups, income generation, smokeless chullahs, participatory rural appraisal training, workshops on different aspects, infrastructural development including lab, GIS equipment, data base management

         Proliferation of Phumdi is a challenging problem which needs to be dealt to save this wetland from further deterioration.

         Phumdi's is being used as a source of making compost for use as fertilizer

Wullar in J&K (Ramsar site)

         Wullar Lake in Kashmir situated in Baramullah district is one of the 94 wetlands identified for conservation under National Wetland Conservation Programme.

         The total area of the lake is 18,900 ha.

         So far an amount of Rs 251.43 lakhs has been released to Govt of J&K for activities like survey and demarcation, afforestation

• Wullar is also a Ramsar site. Main threats to the waterbody include siltation, encroachment, weed infestation, loss of biodiversity, deterioration of water quality etc.


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