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Tea Board Dispels Misconceptions About Indian Teas
Statement by Tea Board of India



 The Tea Board of India having reviewed the findings of the Greenpeace study can confirm that all the samples tested comply with the Indian laws and regulations, designed to protect consumers.  Indian teas are well regarded the world over and are totally safe following stringent standards.


The Tea Board of India would like to dispel any misconceptions about Indian tea in the eyes of consumers at large.  The Indian tea industry led by the Tea Board of India has been constantly taking steps to make tea cultivation even more sustainable and reduce reliance on synthetic plant protection products to ensure that Indian tea continues to meet the high standards consumers expect.  These steps include:


·         The launch of trustea, an initiative which will have certified at least 50 million kilograms of tea by December 2014

·         The development of the Plan Protection Code to aid best practice in tea cultivation (

·         Identifying, and advocating for, even higher standards by partnering with the industry on a scientific pilot that will ascertain the feasibility of non synthetic  plant protection products for tea cultivation.


Tea Board of India is open to collaborating with all stakeholders to help make tea production in India more sustainable in the long run.  It was in this vein that Tea Board organized a seminar for Greenpeace to interact with the small growers in the tea sector recently.


In the interest of clarifying any concerns that may have arisen in the minds of consumers and other stakeholders, The Tea Board of India will make available all the factual information and responses on its website at




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