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  • Promotion of Solar Energy (18-December 2014)
  • Renewable Energy Policy (18-December 2014)
  • Energy Deficiency Issues (18-December 2014)
  • Electricity from Paddy Husk (18-December 2014)
  • Biomass Based Power Generation (18-December 2014)
  • Target of Solar and Wind Power (15-December 2014)
  • Encouragement to Non-Conventional Energy Sector (15-December 2014)
  • Grid Connected Rooftop and Small Solar Power Plants Programme (15-December 2014)
  • Research and Development in Renewable Energy Sector (11-December 2014)
  • Promotion of Alternative Fuels and Hybrid Engines (11-December 2014)
  • National Clean Energy Fund (11-December 2014)
  • Establishment of Solar Cities (11-December 2014)
  • Creation of intra state transmission system in Tamil Nadu (10-December 2014)
  • Implementation of scheme for setting up 1000 MW of Grid Connected Solar PV Power projects by CPSUs and GoI organisations under various Central / State Schemes / self-use / 3rd party sale / merchant sale with Viability Gap Funding under batch – V of Phase-II of JNNSM (10-December 2014)
  • Implementation of scheme for development of Solar Parks and Ultra Mega Solar Power Projects (10-December 2014)
  • Setting up over 300 MW of Grid-Connected Solar PV Power Projects by Defence Establishments under Ministry of Defence and Para Military Forces with viability gap funding under Phase-II/III of JNNSM (10-December 2014)
  • Generation of Solar And Wind Energy (08-December 2014)
  • Progress on Solar Radiation Resource Assessment (08-December 2014)
  • Tariff for Solar Power Producers (08-December 2014)
  • Power from Small Hydro Project (08-December 2014)
Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

Promotion of Solar Energy

The Government is taking the following major steps to promote solar energy industry:


i.                         Fiscal and financial incentives in the form of accelerated depreciation, concessional/nil customs and excise duties, preferential tariffs and generation based incentives are being provided to improve viability of solar power generation units.


ii.                       An enabling policy and regulatory environment is being created through measures like solar specific RPOs under National Tariff Policy {0.25% in Phase 1 (2013) to increase to 3% by 2022}, State Specific Solar Policies and RPO targets, and REC mechanism.


iii.                     Capital subsidy is being provided for off-grid/decentralized solar power generation systems.


iv.                     Solar Parks are being planned in various parts of the country to achieve cost reductions of solar power generation units through utilization of common infrastructure.


v.                      A scheme for promotion of grid-connected roof-top PV systems with a provision for 30% subsidy has also been formulated.


vi.                    The R&D in solar is also being encouraged. Ministry provides financial support to industry for R&D project.


            The allocation of the scheme wise budget for solar energy in MNRE for Financial year 2014-15 is given below:



Budget Estimate (B.E.)

(Rs. In crores)

Grid Interactive Solar Power


Off-Grid/Distributed and Decentralized Solar Power


Research and Development in Solar


National Institute of Solar Energy and Solar Energy Corporation



Funds are released to State Nodal Agencies and other in accordance with proposals received from them. This was stated by Sh. Piyush Goyal, Minister of state (IC) for Power, Coal & New and Renewable Energy in a written reply to a question in the Lok Sabha today.


The Minister further stated that The above schemes are being implemented through various State Nodal Agencies/Channel Partners/Financial Institutions etc. and circulate to States, Various stake holders and put up on website



                            RM/RS-  USQ4231 - LS


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