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  • Cabinet approves signing of the Protocol amending the Convention between India and Portugal for avoidance of Double Taxation (19-April 2017)
  • Cabinet approves encashment of accumulated leave to certain Defence Services Personnel who died or were invalidated out while in service between 30 December 1991 to 29 November 1999 with less than 15 years of service (19-April 2017)
  • Cabinet approves extension of the validity of Central Order in respect of sugar for six months (19-April 2017)
  • Cabinet gives approval for introduction of Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty-third Amendment) Bill 2017 and (ii) National Commission for Backward Classes (Repeal) Bill, 2017 in the Parliament (19-April 2017)
  • Cabinet approves procurement of Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail Units for use in the General Elections, 2019 (19-April 2017)
  • Cabinet approves permission to avail external assistance by State Government entities from bilateral agencies for implementation of vital infrastructure projects (19-April 2017)
  • Cabinet approves signing of Framework of Understanding between India and Bangladesh on Cooperation in the hydrocarbon sector (12-April 2017)
  • Cabinet approves transfer on lease of 6.5628 acres of Defence land to Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan at Air Force Station Kanpur for construction of school building (12-April 2017)
  • Cabinet approves MoU on cooperation in the field of justice between India and Tunisia (12-April 2017)
  • Cabinet approves implementation of Supreme Court’s Judgment regarding Target Plus Scheme (TPS) under Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) 2004-09 (12-April 2017)
  • Cabinet approves the “Signing and Ratification of MoU for Establishment of the BIMSTEC Grid Interconnection” (12-April 2017)
  • Cabinet apprised of MoU between India and Russia for cooperation in the field of Science & Technology (12-April 2017)
  • Cabinet approves setting up of Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy (IIPE) at Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh (12-April 2017)
  • Cabinet approves measures to increase oil palm area and production in India (12-April 2017)
  • Cabinet approves Policy to provide Purchase Preference (linked with Local Content (PP-LC) in all Public Sector Undertakings under Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas (12-April 2017)
  • Cabinet approves setting up of a Special Purpose Vehicle to be called Government e-Marketplace (GeM SPV) (12-April 2017)
  • Cabinet approves MoU between India and Australia on cooperation in the field of Health and Medicine (05-April 2017)
  • Cabinet approves agreement on Audio Visual Co-Production between India and Bangladesh (05-April 2017)
  • Cabinet approves MoU on Cooperation in the field of Mass Media between India and Bangladesh (05-April 2017)
  • Cabinet approves MoU on passenger cruise services on the coastal and protocol routes between India and Bangladesh (05-April 2017)
  • Cabinet approves signing of MoU between India and Bangladesh in the field of judicial sector cooperation (05-April 2017)
  • Cabinet approves MoU between India and France on Technical Cooperation in Civil Aviation (05-April 2017)
  • Cabinet approves MoU between India and Bangladesh for fairway development of Ashuganj-Zakiganj stretch of Kushiyara river and Sirajganj-Daikhawa stretch of Jamuna river in the Indo-Bangladesh protocol route (05-April 2017)
  • Cabinet approves closure of Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Suraksha Yojana (05-April 2017)
  • Cabinet apprised of the MoU with Ferrovie Dello Stato Italiane S.P.A. of Italy on Technical Cooperation in the Rail Sector (05-April 2017)
  • Cabinet approves Collaboration Agreement to support the Belmont Forum Secretariat (05-April 2017)
  • Cabinet approves Air Services Agreement between India and Georgia (05-April 2017)
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