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  • Ministry of Road Transport & Highways issues notification for mass emission standards for flex-fuel ethanol E85 and ED95 (19-May 2015)
  • Shri Gadkari Launches Integrated Data Collection System (15-May 2015)
  • Shri Gadkari Highlights Measures to Benefit Road Users (14-May 2015)
  • Approval for Permitting 100 percent equity divestment after two years of construction completion for all BOT projects (13-May 2015)
  • Increase in Awarding of Highway Projects (11-May 2015)
  • Pending Road Projects (11-May 2015)
  • Construction of Highways (11-May 2015)
  • Criticism of New Road Transport & Safety Bill Not Founded on Reasoning: Shri Nitin Gadkari (08-May 2015)
  • Study Recommends an Integrated Transport Policy (07-May 2015)
  • Initiatives to Develop Asian Highways (07-May 2015)
  • Nitin Gadkari Dedicates to the Nation Two Major Highway Projects in the North East (01-May 2015)
  • Pilot Road Asset Management System for NHs (30-April 2015)
  • Regular Condition Survey of Bridges and Flyovers (30-April 2015)
  • Initiative to Construct Ducts for Optical Fibre Cables along NHs (30-April 2015)
  • Shri Gadkari Appeals Transporters Not to Go on Strike (29-April 2015)
  • 163 Central Road Fund Projects Sanctioned (27-April 2015)
  • Draft Advisory for App-based Taxi Services (27-April 2015)
  • Facilities for Differently abled Passengers in Public Transport (23-April 2015)
  • Rakesh Mohan Committee Submits its Report (23-April 2015)
  • Nineteen Regional Offices to Speed up Highways Projects (23-April 2015)
Ministry of Road Transport & Highways

Ministry of Road Transport & Highways issues notification for mass emission standards for flex-fuel ethanol E85 and ED95

The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways today released the Notification for mass emission standards for flex-fuel ethanol E85 and ED95 in vehicles. The Ministry has notified the test requirements for Type Approval and extension for two, three and four-wheeled vehicles. It has also notified the technical specifications of reference fuel E85 and ED95 used for testing of such vehicles. This Notification will enable vehicle manufacturers to manufacture vehicles running on bio-ethanol E85 and ED95. A bio-ethanol fuel bus is already under trial in Nagpur.

The Ministry is amending the rules under CMVR, 1989 to facilitate the use of greener alternate fuels in vehicles. Alternative fuels are either produced in the country for e.g. Ethanol, Bio-CNG etc. or generated locally like solar photovoltaic and other sources of electric power which can be stored in electric batteries.

The Ministry has already notified Draft Rules for mass emission norms and testing standards of vehicles running on bio-CNG which are under finalisation. The standards of small series testing of vehicles running on electric power have already been notified by the Ministry. All the above steps will enable use of alternative fuels in vehicles in India.

Minister of Road Transport & Highways Shri Nitin Gadkari today chaired a presentation for replacement of engines of BS-III and lower specifications used in buses, with electric motors, to be run in cities facing the problem of pollution, to reduce emissions. The companies involved in research and development of such technologies promised that they will develop economically-viable model so that the purchasers of such buses may find it viable for a longer duration. Hybrid systems of IC engine and electric motors for cars have been successfully tested and are in the process of notification under CMVR. Hybrid systems for bus and three-wheelers are under testing process in some of the test agencies.

One developer has got the testing of three-wheeled auto-rickshaws retrofitted with electric motor completed on the test bench in one of the test agencies and will very soon start on-road testing in three cities. The Minister stressed that the promotion of such technologies will encourage the “Make in India” objective and also reduce dependence of the country on imported fossil fuels.


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