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Government of India
Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution
24-December-2014 14:02 IST
End-to-end Computerisation of PDS- A step towards good Governance

Ministry of Consumer Affair, Food and Public Distribution is implementing a Plan Scheme on End-to-end Computerisation of TPDS Operations on cost sharing basis with the States/UTs

Ministry of Consumer Affair, Food and Public Distribution is implementing a Plan Scheme on End-to-end Computerisation of TPDS Operations on cost sharing basis with the States/UTs. The scheme has been declared as a Mission Mode Project (MMP) by the Government.


The Scheme comprises following activities and expected outcomes:

·        Digitization of TPDS (Targeted Public Distribution System) related data- Correct identification of beneficiaries: removal of bogus cards: better targeting of food subsidy.

·        Computerisation of Supply Chain- Timely availability of foodgrains at FPS (Fair Price Shop): check leakages/ diversion.

·        Grievance Redressal Mechanism and Transparency Portal- Bring transparency & Public accountability.

·        FPS automation- Ensuring that correct beneficiary receives the entitled quantity of foodgrains.


 On fully implemented, the Scheme will provide various citizen centric services as given below:


·          Ration card related requests such as application for new ration card, change of address, name change, deletion of member, etc. can be dealt online through the system. This will provide beneficiaries a convenient facility and minimise their visit to Food & Civil Supplies offices.


·             The digitised list of beneficiaries shall be made available in the public domain on State Governments' TPDS portals. This will introduce transparency in the identification of beneficiaries, allow beneficiaries to check their status, encourage social audit etc.


·             Through the State TPDS portal, beneficiaries can also check status of foodgrains allocated for their respective Fair Price Shop (FPS) each month including quantity delivered at the FPS, when delivered etc. Beneficiaries can also enrol for SMS alert facility, so that they are informed on mobile phones through SMS about despatch of vehicle carrying foodgrains, receipt at the FPS, etc. Timely access to information relating to availability of foodgrains will prevent denial of entitlement to beneficiaries, reduce their trips to FPSs etc.


·             The facility for registration of grievances and tracking their status is also available through the State TPDS portal, toll-free helpline numbers, etc. If the complaints are not responded in time, the same would be escalated to senior officers for timely redressal. Under the integrated module for grievance handling, if beneficiaries provide mobile numbers while filing their grievances, through SMS they can receive its acknowledgement and once the grievance is settled, they can again be informed.


(v)        Computerisation of last mile activities i.e. distribution of foodgrains at the FPS level is also being taken up. Once automation of FPS is implemented, the genuine beneficiaries can be authenticated through point of sale device at FPS, the sale transaction captured online etc. so as to ensure that the entitled quantities of foodgrains reach the actual beneficiaries.


National Informatics Centre (NIC) is the technical partner under the scheme and has developed a Common Application Software (CAS) as per the scheme requirements, which has been offered to States/UTs.