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Table of Contents
  • Objective/Purpose of the Public Authority
    • Mission and Vision Statement of the public authority
    • Brief history of Public authority
    • Duties of the public authority
    • Main functions of Press Facility
    • List of services being provided by the public authority with a brief write-up on them
    • Organisation Chart of Press Information Bureau
    • Expectation of the public authority from the public for enhancing its effectiveness and efficiency
    • Arrangements and methods made for seeking public participation and Contribution
    • Mechanism available for monitoring the service delivery and public grievance resolution
  • Powers and duties of officers and employees
  • List of rules, regulations, instructions, manual and records, held by public authority or used by its employees for discharging functions
  • Provision to seek consultation and participation of public
  • Provision to seek consultation participation of Public or its representative for formulation of policies Provide details of provisions
  • Information about official documents
  • Information on Boards, Councils, Committees and Other Bodies
  • Contact Information in respect of CPIOs and AOs
  • Procedure followed to take a decision for various matters
  • Documented procedures laid down or procedures Defined Criteria Rules to arrive at a particular decision
  • Arrangements to communicate the decision to the public
  • Who are the office at various levels whose opinions are sought for process of decision making
  • Final Authority that vets decision
  • Provide information for the important matters on which the decision taken writtern by the Public Authority on the important matters
  • Directory of Officers and Employees
  • Information about the details of the budget for different activities under different schemes
  • The Manner of Execution of Subsidy Programmes
  • Particulars of Recipients of concessions, permits or authorization granted byMinistry of I&B
  • Norms and Standards set by the Department for execution of various activities and programme
  • Details of the information related to the various schemes, which are available in the electronic format
  • Means, methods or facilitation available to the public, which is adopted by the department for dissemination of information
  • Frequency Asked Questions and their Answers
  • Related to seeking Information
  • Training imparted to public by Public Authority