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11 December 2007
  Ministry of Health and Family Welfare  

  15:50 IST  
  Inaugurating the New Office of the National Board of Examinations (NBE) in New Delhi today, the Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare, Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss emphasized that more attention will be given to those areas of postgraduate medical education, which take care of the future needs in the country. These areas may be emergency medical and surgical needs of rural population, public health, maternal and child health, control of infectious diseases, family medicine, etc. He complimented the National Board for providing opportunities to medical aspirants in postgraduate medical education in different broad and super specialities as well as different Postdoctoral Fellowship Programmes in various sub-specialities in the country. Besides, the Minister of State for Health & Family Welfare, Smt. Panabaka Lakshmi, the President and Executive Director of NBE and the other members of the Governing Body of NBE were also present at the function.

The following is the summary of the Health Ministerís speech:

I am happy to learn that the NBE has taken special measures to increase the expertise for the medical graduates in the Family Medicine discipline. The Family Physician is likely to be more successful in providing comprehensive services to our communities, specially in rural areas. Moreover to practice holistic medicine, as is the case with general practice, the physician should also understand the social, cultural and economic conditions of the family. The Family physicians, thus, can also play a crucial role in strengthening the healthcare delivery system in the country.

The linkages of NBE with several accredited institutions/ hospitals should be further strengthened. The Board should ensure that the specialists services through the accredited private hospitals are also provided in the neglected areas/regions of the country as well as to the poor population on subsidized basis. Special Incentives may be given to such hospitals.

Another area where the NBE can focus in future is to make a uniform and standardized postgraduate medical education and examinations all over the country. There is a need to evolve and develop new student friendly examination methodologies, which test the competency and skills of students more objectively. Modern information technologies like internet, interactive CDs, teleconferencing etc. can play a useful role in improving the quality of postgraduate medical education in our country as well, specially when our country is one of the world leader in software computer technologies.

Our country is so diverse geographically and demographically that there are a wide range of health problems. The Government health infrastructure and facilities in the rural areas are not adequate in several States, where the private and corporate hospitals can also play an important role by providing some technical medical facilities to governmental institutions. The public and private health institutions must network and be complement to each other in selected health related issues. I hope the NBE accredited institutions in the private sector will take a lead in this area.

I congratulate all the Officers & staff members of National Board of Examination and hope with the facilities available in the new building they would be able to operate more efficiently.

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