22th January 2002


{ɪ]x + ƺBEi j g VMcx 25 Vxɴɮ,2002 BE ɭ]Ҫ {ɪ]x nɺ BE +ɴɺɮ {ɮ +ɶBE c] ɭ]Ҫ {ɪ]x {֮BEɮ |nx BEM *

< ɭ 17 ɭ]Ҫ {֮BEɮ + 15 =iBE]i {֮BEɮ |nx BEA VAM * ɭ]Ҫ {֮BEɮ ɴk ] AV] + ]ڮ +{ɮ], {ɪ]BE {ʮcx SBE, MBEi c] + cʮ]V c] c * Jx/|BEɶx =iBE]i , xɤv Jx (+OV + cn) =iBE]i, {ɪ]x {E/gB o |nx il {ɪ]x BE Fj +SU |nx BEx V ({ڴkɮ Fj BE A +M {֮BEɮ c) BE =iBE]i {֮BEɮ |nx BEA VAM *

{ɪ]x +xBE ɮBE BE ciɮ J Jɴ, {ɪ]x +xBE ɭ]Ҫ {BE/+ɣɮh, {ɪǴɮh +xBE {ɪ]x {ʮVx/M~x, ɴvBE SxiBE + +uiҪ {ɪ]x {ʮVx, ɴk ʶF ƺlx + Sx |tMBE/ɺ<]/{] BE ɴvBE SxiBE |ɪM BE A =iBE]i {֮BEɮ |nx BEA VAM *

< +ɴɺɮ {ɮ ɭ 2000-2001 BE nx ɴiBE] +BEnBE |nx BE A c] |ɤvx ƺlx + ɮiҪ {ɪ]x + ] |ɤvx ƺlx BE Uj BE ʴɶ {֮BEɮ |nx BEA VAM *

|ɶi Aʶɪ ] AʺAx ({]) BE J BEɪBEɮ +vBEɮ g {] b VM ''{] B: ] {E 2002 Ab ʤɪb'' ʴɭɪ {ɮ l{x nɺ BDSɮ nM *

ʴʣxx V ɮBEɮ BE {ɪ]x ʴɣM, {ɪ]x =tM + {ɪ]x Ƥvi +x M~x BE |ixv ɮc M M * {ɪ]x ʴɣM BE l{x 25 Vxɴɮ 1956 BE BE M< l * |iBE ɭ < +ɴɺɮ {ɮ ɭ]Ҫ {ɪ]x {֮BEɮ + =iBE]i {֮BEɮ |nx BEA Vi c *










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